General 6 Stars 1941 Global War Game

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    @Folgore77 Thanks Folgore!! I had a great time and it was great meeting you… The game has lighten a fire under me to play more A&A and trying to get people in my area to play… I plan on returning if I can beg–get Carl to drive again!! Hope to see you again!

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    Yo all General’s are to report to the “Generals Fortress” this Saturday Oct. 19 at 8:30 am for “Operation Justice” !

    Game will be taped and hopefully live streamed.

    We will be playing with the new Stg. Bomber values and Fig values.

    Fig C8 M5 AD@5 ground. AD@4 naval ships.
    Stg. Bomber C8 M6 A 3@3 1 round only still. D2 SBR 1d6+1
    H. Bomber C10 M7 A 4@3 1 round only still. D3 SBR 1d6+3

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    @SS-GEN Good luck guys!! Wish I could make it… So jealous you guys are playing! Good luck @Folgore77 !!! SS-Gen I hope you have a good plan for Japan – you will need it… I here Dan has a plan!!

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    @AAGamer said in SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game:

    @SS-GEN Good luck guys!! Wish I could make it… So jealous you guys are playing! Good luck @Folgore77 !!! SS-Gen I hope you have a good plan for Japan – you will need it… I here Dan has a plan!!

    ppff… Ya I heard Dan has a plan, Retreat !!!

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    @SS-GEN haha

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    OK, We had another epic game with the Axis winning in 7 turns. I’ll give my input on what I saw happen and if any group member wants to chime in and give a more detailed account of there country.
    I played Japan. Took Midway T1 ( Moved carriers out of US range for counter attack non combat ) and Solomon islands and New Britain to Deny US & Anzac 2 Island group NOs and Japan then gained 3 Island NOs for a 15 bonus icps turn 1 plus 1 Island group NO they start with for another 5. Did the normal Asian attacks and then went for money islands and for the 2 bonus victory
    points to help Germany and for axis win. Granted when you leave the 3 Island groups NOs US and Anzac does come and get them due to Japan leaving. Thats the trade off. But Japan should always I mean always have to control Dutch Island oil period in any game towards a win or victory bonus points. So on T7 Japan got back 2 Dutch islands with Refinery’s ( no damage ) for 2 bonus points plus japan had fighter interceptors on island to protect there Refineries from being damaged by Allie bombers and the allies could not take back by end of the turn. US had only 1 bomber in Calcutta and no fig escorts to bomb Dutch Refineries do deny axis bonus points. Japan had 6 figs on Sumatra.
    I also think the US fleet should of moved from Carolinas to the Dutch Islands instead going towards Toyko for another 3 island group NO ( worth 5 icps ) and help with denying Japan from getting a victory bonus point or 2 ? Just IMO. It took the US fleet out of position there for 2 turns at least.

    Europe side. All I know is Germany abandoned Paris and lost with West Germany Plus UK got Oslo and Germany got Moscow and Stalingrad while US UK were constantly SBRing Italy and Berlin. Italy was a power house. New guy Tony was Buying for strict Neutral influence after he got control of the the 2 3 island group NOs and got Congo, Anglo & Turkey and was threating S. Africa but UK just had enough defense to deny an Axis 1 victory point there so thats where Japan had to come in for the 2 bonus points and 1 Victory bonus point for Axis total income which was higher than 210. They were in the 220s if not higher.
    Also the UK abandoned Cairo to Italy for 1 victory point and went to Mideast oil to defend it from the Axis from getting another 1 victory bonus point while the Cairo fleet went towards India but the Italian fleet followed and the Cairo fleet ended up killing the Italian fleet with UK fighters from Calcutta. This did leave Calcutta weak and there was 25 Japan ground units in Thailand for a future attack but was best to spread them ground troops to protect Japan controlled Dutch Islands for a win. If UK would of flew the 6 UK figs out of S. Africa to support Calcutta then S. Africa would have fallen due to a strong presence of Italian troops right there to attack.
    US took Azores T1 to help deplete the German wolf packs by end of T3. The trade off there was no US pressure in Med to slow down Italy I believe needs to happen in game now.
    US was making 120 icps at end of T6.
    Final tally. Axis starts with 20 victory points.
    Axis points start 20
    lost Paris -3 = 17
    lost Oslo -1 = 16
    Cairo +1 = 17
    Moscow +3 = 20
    Stalingrad +2 = 22
    Leningrad +2 = 24
    Hong Kong +1 = 25
    Manilla +1 = 26
    Maylay +1 = 27
    Dutch Oil +2 = 29 2 Refineries cannot have damage.
    Axis income +1 = 30
    Total is 30 victory points. Need 30 at end of any turn for an axis victory.

    The new lower costs for figs C8 AD@4 naval & AD @5 ground with still bonus plane kill @2 and Stg Bombers C8 AD #@3 bonus plane kill @1 also. I believe worked out good plus made Sbring from a d8 +1 to a D6 +1 still good enough in game. Plus figs could only hit naval @4 while Ground it was @5. I used Stg bombers a lot and they were pretty weak. Will have to see if they go back to A 4@3.

    Was gonna live stream but camera was not correct as far as closeness of map. I’ll see if I can post at least a video tape of game sample.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It was an amazing game, 11 hours straight! Well worth my drive from and to Chicago. Thanks for hosting, @SS-GEN !

    As Italy, my strategy had several directives and characteristics:

    1- creating havoc in Africa and the Middle East to force UK, and even USSR, to divert efforts to those regions, so to support Germany’s main thrust. I see this as my “remote can opener”. Result: pushed UK out of Africa (except a contained pocket in Johannesburg) and the Near East

    2- secure gradual IPC growth by capturing as many small (often neglected) territories as possible. Result: These 1 IPC territories plus national bonuses (controlling Med islands) enabled me a whopping 60 IPC income later in the game

    3- invest decisively in influencing neutral nations: Congo, Angola, and Turkey. This was a calculated risk, based on probabilities it was well worth the risk of dice against the IPCs saved/gained. Result: gained strategic advantage in Africa and Near East by controlling those countries, armies and IPCs.

    4- corrode UK and US IPC gains by attacking their convoys as aggressively as possible with my super subs. Result: temporarily drove down Allies IPCs and slowed down their final advance across the Atlantic

    5- relentlessly pursue the British navy in the Med, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Result: destroyed British navies, securing Italy’s naval dominance (near-supremacy) in those regions, and helping Japan by corroding India’s defense

    6- I refrained from supporting Germany in France and Balkans. Germany didn’t want my help in France, and my support in the Balkans was irrelevant against the massive armies Germany amassed in the Eastern Front. I thus diverted my land units to the Middle East. Result: US did invade Western Europe but it was too late. Italy gained oil rigs in the Middle East, helping the Axis to secure victory points needed.

    Avanti Italia!

    Thanks again. Lots of fun! Looking forward to playing soon. Cheers.

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    heh heh good action here : )

    I see Folgore deleted. Is he OK : )

  • Folgore here (Dan)…Apologies for deleting the post of pics from yesterday. I had to resize them as they were a little too big and blurry…

    We had another glorious event and it was an honor to play with these gents. We welcome our newest player – Tony! Hopefully we see Mark (AAgamer) and Carl get to join us next time, as-well-as anyone else who would like to join us.

    For clarity, I added some brief captions to most pics to give you an idea of what was going on and who was controlling what country, etc. I am extremely happy with how the pics came out on my Nikon SLR. Hope you enjoy them, too!..

    Japan and Germany discuss invasion strategies:axisstrategy.JPG

    Tony carefully prepares Italy’s next move.Tony.JPG

    Ryan leads the British into battle!Ryan.JPG

    Ray plots Japan’s strategy.Ray.JPG

    In the background: Japan (Ray, on the left) and USA (led by Mark, on the right) battle it out for control over the Pacific Islands.japanvsusa.JPG

    USA dominates the islands as Japan makes inroads into China.pacifictheatre.jpg

    The seemingly formidable Atlantic Wall is later breached!atlanticwall.jpg

    Italy makes purchases.Italypurchases.JPG

    Battle for Moscow begins!BattleofMoscow.JPG

    Dan prepares the Russian Army’s counter attack against Justin’s German Army Group Center.folgore3.jpg

    German invasion force of Moscow!germaninvasionforce.jpg

    Moscow’s glorious defenders!moscowdefenders.jpg

    Moscow falls to the German Blitzkrieg!moscowfalls.JPG

    After the fall of Moscow, the British capture Tehran and link up with Russia’s Southern army in Georgia to secure the Middle East oil fields…

    The last bastion of hope for the UK in Africa. The Italians ended up not attacking as Axis Victory drew near.johannesburg.jpg



    The General’s fuel for success on the battlefield.

    Thought this was a cool close up shot, reminded me of an anti-Nazi WW2 propaganda poster.ring.JPG

    Casualty Pegs

    German spy, Sir Dudley, can easily be bribed with food or back scratches.sirduffy.jpg

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    Dan great pics !!! Thanks for all of that and a report.

    Tony thanks for your great report of Italy too !!!

    Yes it was a fantastic intense game again. Thank You all for showing up and playing.

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    @SS-GEN Great reports and even better photos of the whole thing… Thanks for sharing all of you. Looking forward to coming the next time!

  • @Folgore77 - Thanks for posting these amazing photos reporting the game as it unfolded. This a great storytelling. I’d love to see it again in the future. Cheers,

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    @Folgore77 Sweet ! Photos came out nice : )

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    @Folgore77 need some animal crackers shaped like A&A guys for Sir Dudley lol

    on second thought maybe not. Might start going after the real ones 🙂

  • @barnee Thanks Barnee! Are you in the area? If so, come join us!

  • @barnee Haha A&A animal crackers and Dudley…That’s a cute thought! 😛 Lol

  • @phd_angel Thanks, Tony! I thoroughly enjoyed your report on Italy as well!

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    I didn’t know Dudley would give up vital info? Have to remember that!

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    Loved seeing all the pics! So new fighter values worked out? Bombers not so much?

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    Yes the new fig values good. Bombers a bit weak on A3@3 but costing only 8 and reducing the sbr a 1or 2 less still worked great there for the constant bombing all over. Got to remember you have to repair half your factory damage even before you build units.

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    @Hambone said in SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game:

    I didn’t know Dudley would give up vital info? Have to remember that!

    Ya the Dudley Do Wrong has been known to be a double spy !!! More treats more info !!!

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    @barnee Barnee Sir Dudley doesnt care what he gets to eat… He will spy for you for any food… He prefers full hamburgers to be honest!!

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    @AAGamer said in SS GEN's 1941 Global War Game:

    @barnee Barnee Sir Dudley doesnt care what he gets to eat… He will spy for you for any food… He prefers full hamburgers to be honest!!

    heh heh looks as if he’d power down a half pounder then look up going is there more : )

  • @barnee Nice photos. I see that you can bomb the oil fields, ¿how is that mechanic working?

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