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    I will be posting my stuff here from now on for my game.

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    Here is posts of all old info for my game. Future reply’s will be here for my game from now on.

    I have made more updates to game and will post map pics and charts and reintroduce whats in my game.
    Its a D12 die system. It is based on a lot of historical stuff that works in game with National Adjectives, Weather chart,
    Event Cards, Tech, Generals, Admirals, Strict Neutral influences, 3 Colored Island group with colored dots by islands for map reference which are National Objectives worth 5 Icps each with 6 colored groups in the Pacific and 2 colored groups in the Med for now which promotes more action in the Pacific with Japan helping with an axis victory by holding the refineries in 2 Dutch Islands and not having Germany do all the work in game and Italy a big player now too, Naval planes on Carriers only, Ships getting plane shots the same time as ships shots, Tac and Dive Bombers getting a chance to pick targets, planes attacking planes same time as shooting ground or ships, Subs being able to dive with destroyers present and Victory is based on City’s worth points and 4 Bonus victory points available for the axis. Axis gets 30 points and holds for 1 turn wins.
    USA and all rest of countries are at war. No more waiting for USA. A big complaint in most games was US waiting to get to war.

    I’ll post more info soon.

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    These are my event cards I use. 8 countries each get a deck of 12 good and 10 bad. Spices things up in game.

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    Here’s my magnetic charts I use for the Tech, Income, NA”s and city’s worth points.

  • Pics from Saturday, August 17, 2019. Result: Allied Victory

    whoaAAglobal.jpg 69225399_2878962165453259_4750522859200184320_n.jpg 68846110_2878962048786604_7243215053371998208_n.jpg 68602741_2878962252119917_303019408840720384_n (1).jpg 68461892_2878962205453255_5288705003240816640_n.jpg

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    Looking great… How many hours did you play for? Was there a bid or have you been able to balance it?

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    @AAGamer said in SS GEN's 1942 Global War Game:

    Looking great… How many hours did you play for? Was there a bid or have you been able to balance it?

    Who needs a bid with that old man playing US in green shirt ? LOL
    We played for 9 hours. There is no bids in this game.

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    Haha, What side did Carl play? I may have to ride down with him sometime… I am 2 hours from him… Could possibly ride with him–have to talk to him about it… 9 hours isnt bad. What round were you guys able to get through?

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    Carl played US. We got to turn 7. But game is decided pretty much by then. Axis if we keep going would not get to 30 points.
    Will get in a few more turns once we get new guys on board and we play a few more games.

    Also Carl doesn’t usually reply if he’s coming until the night before games due to his work

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    @SS-GEN Yeah his work is tough… Always been that way… Turn 7 isn’t bad. Sounds interesting. Looks like you guys had a really good time!

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    Oh Ya . New guy took pics. Loved the game. Carl is actually been very helpful by playing US and taking load off UK players having to play US and with playing already in game now ship aa and plane vs plane test this game.

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    Here are the values for pieces updated for next game. These numbers work pretty good now. The question is do we give a destroyer an aa shot at planes ? Of course most say no. But all ships had aa guns. Some better and some ships had more of them. Some were shot down but also when these guns were fired at planes it would divert some planes away from fear of being hit. But if you really look at the d6 games and most don’t agree with ships getting aa, is technically BB CR and DD are getting plane hits in all games but at attackers and defenders choice. So in other words planes are not being taken as casualties too with attacker and defenders choice until last couple rounds of combat. So look at what I’m doing in away is yes you get a low aa ship shot but it’s also forcing the defender to pick a plane casualty in the first round in combat and beyond instead of the last round or so of combat. So now we don’t have the dog fight 1 round before all combat neither.
    Plus planes are attacking planes the same time.
    So here are the values with the destroyer.
    BB C15 AD@3 plane & AD@8 ship. Dam AD@2 plane & AD@6 ship
    CR C9 M3 AD@3 plane & AD@7 ship.
    DD C6 AD@1 plane & AD@3 ship.
    Fig C10 M5 AD@2 plane & AD@5 gr/ship.
    Tac C10 M5 AD@1 plane & AD@5. 3 or less pick.
    N fig C10 M4 AD@2 plane & AD@4 gr/ship.
    N Dive C10 M4 AD@1 plane & AD@5. 3 or less pick.
    Stg. B C10 A4@3 1 round only. D@2. Can’t hit naval ships.
    AC C14 D@3 plane only. Dam. D@2 plane only.
    EC C8 D@2 plane only.

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    I edited my last post here above with adjustments for plane shots. Since I need to give a Destroyer some kind of
    defense against planes when there on there own and not having to give ships boosts with this and that
    will go with what I have. At least Planes can get killed in 1st round and beyond and with 1 ship blocking stops 3 ships from other side. So lets say you have 1 Destroyer and 1 Cruiser out blocking. Now if planes just come in to attack the 2 blockers in my game at least the CR DD get a plane shot defense.
    Cruiser D@3 plane 25%
    Destroyer D@1 plane 8% = 33%
    VS say
    2 N. Figs A@8. 66%
    But then some say ships should get no plane shots period. Ya but in D6 games they are getting plane shots which are to high or strong.
    Cruiser D@3 plane 50%
    Destroyer D@2 plane 33% = 83%
    2 Figs A@8 66%

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    After doing some testing with certain size fleets, the results are with BB CR AC getting plane shots @3, DD @1 you lose more planes in early rounds. But also you lose planes from no Carriers to land planes unless your the attacker and you have movement left and you control an island in same sea zone or one close by. Defending planes can retreat also after 1 round of combat and any carrier planes could land on an island they control in same sea zone. Plus if you attack a fleet next to an island with an airbase you can scramble 3 Figs or N. Figs or combination of both. Whats great is Tac and Dive bombers can hit on a 5 but a roll of 3 or less can pick target. Now it seems in testing the Air Craft Carriers are getting Targeted more due to having no place for carrier planes to land. Remember you can’t take a plane casualty on a ship only hit. Plus also a lot of planes were lost in war due to crashes, no fuel left. bad engines and so. So with ships getting plane hits its making the ships weaker compared to d6 system and now you lose planes in all battle rounds and to any other source of plane loses that happened in war.

    If you keep Cruisers @3 plane shot and DD @1 plane shot at least they can defend against planes if there in small fleets.
    Only thing left is how the outcomes are with @3 plane shots or @2 planes shots for BB CR and AC.
    DD and Transports get a @1 plane shot but that is only 8% chance of a hit. You can’t just not give a lone Destroyer no defense against planes only. Same situation as lone transports. They had AA guns.

    Granted if you had 10 Destroyers in a huge fleet ya there gonna get a plane kill or 2 maybe and they should.
    12 Destroyers on average is 1 plane kill per round. D6 it be 12 Destroyers average 4 plane kills. But of course the Attacker defender chooses his casualties instead of you having to force them to pick a plane because there gonna take ships first.
    At least its more historical the way I’m doing it in my game if you see what I mean.

    It comes down to also do you give @3 for BB CR more punch when there a lone or now if you have 10 CR in a fleet is it over powering against planes. Plus by adding a DD @1 plane shot probably have to keep BB CR @2 plane shot and force you to have destroyers at all times like it was in war.

    Another thing is you can’t land planes on an island unless it has an air strip or an airbase. Some my argue ya but you can land planes on land territories but not islands. You base it off of islands to small or due to bad terrian and also lack of equipment to
    on island to build air strips.

    Ive always liked the idea of buying a Minor IC and air and naval bases at Capitals only and then you could move them on transports to certain territories to build pieces and land planes and build repair naval units. There convoy ships too.

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    Yo Barnee, looks like I’m gonna go with a different values for ship AA and plane vs plane.

    Going back to normal values for pieces with 1 dice roll only. But if any piece rolls a 1 outside of a Carrier gets a bonus plane kill.
    Like this.
    BB AD@8. Roll a 1 receive the bonus plane hit plus ship hit. Thats it. Makes things easier for guys to remember and will speed up some battles.
    Fig AD@5. Roll a 1 gets a bonus plane hit too plus a GR /SH/ or plane hit.
    This will force the attacker or defender to at least have to take a plane casualty in early rounds. No dog fighting.
    AC D@4 plane only.

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    @SS-GEN yea I like it. Simple and accomplishes the goal of more detailed air/naval battle. Good job

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    Barnee and Co.

    Been testing these new piece values and it makes for an interesting casualty picks. WE made figs get a @2 instead of a @1 against bonus plane hit. So here’s the list and what will use next game in 9 days.
    BB AD@8 if roll is a 1 get a AA plane kill too.
    CR AD@7 if roll is a 1 get a AA plane kill too.
    DD AD@3 if roll is a 1 get a AA plane kill too.
    AC D@3 plane only Dam D@2 plane only.
    Fig AD@5 if roll is a 2 or less get a DF plane kill too.
    N. Fig AD@4 if roll is a 2 or less get a DF plane kill too.
    Tac AD@5 if roll is a 1 get a DF plane kill too.
    also if roll is a 3 or less can pick target.
    Dive AD@5 if roll is a 1 get a DF plane kill too.
    also if roll is a 3 or less can pick target.
    Now will see if we need to adjust the Tac and Dive bomber values.
    May need to go to AD@4 if roll is a 1 get a DF plane kill too.
    also if roll is a 3 or less can pick target.

    Here’s an example battle. To right of piece is what they get.
    Attacker: Plane kill. Ship/plane kill.
    BB rolls a @1. 1 hit 1 hit
    CR rolls a @5. miss 1 hit
    DD rolls a @2. miss 1 hit
    AC rolls a @6. miss XXX
    NF rolls a @2. 1 hit 1 hit
    NDB rolls a @3. miss 1 pick
    Defender: Plane kill. Ship/plane kill.
    BB rolls a @8. miss 1 hit
    CR rolls a @5. miss 1 hit
    DD rolls a @12. miss miss
    AC rolls a @3. 1 hit XXX
    NF rolls a @4. miss 1 hit
    NDB rolls a @2. miss 1 pick

    So attacker gets 2 plane kills and 4 hits + 1 pick hit
    Defender gets 1 plane kill and 3 hits + 1 pick hit.

    You gettin this ?

    D6 system
    BB AD@4. + AA d12 @1. Plane kill too
    CR AD@3 + AA d12 @1. Plane kill too
    DD AD@2. + AA.d12 @1. Plane kill too
    Fig.AD@4. + DF. d12 @2. Plane kill too
    Tac AD@3. + DF d12 @1 Plane kill too
    So now just throw 1. d12 with each normal d6 attack or defend roll.
    You could even make a d12 hit die for this.

    Edited this but it wont give me a space between plane kill and ship/plane kill.

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    Ok. Show down at the Generals Fortress this Sat. Have 8 guys. I will sit out for a bit and help with a new guy until he has to leave then I’ll take over. Then may have to jump to axis side late afternoon.
    Well Barnee we are going to see how the new tweaks work out.
    On the list for maybe some tweaks.
    Tac/Dive AD@5 down to @4.
    BB AD@8 down to @7.
    CR AD@7 down to @6.
    And if that happens then Figs against navy only
    That’s it. Let’s see what happens. Report Sunday with pics

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    OK. We got the game in and the Axis won in 9 turns. Moscow fell and then Stalingrad and Germany was able to get to the Mideast oil and Japan did enough to hold on for win.
    It was probably are best game so far.
    The new values or rules for ship AA and plane vs plane bonus plane kills worked out great. It was nice to see a plane get killed for each round of combat across the board.
    Wasn’t over powering and it added some more spice to game.
    The Axis got probably there best 2 NA’s for each country and it was gonna be a tough battle for the Allies. Axis had 30 points 3 times and Allies knocked it down to 29 points twice until T9 which at end of turn they had 30 points and won.
    I don’t know if Russia made any mistakes due to the fact I was playing UK Pacific and we had to deal with 10 axis subs in the Atlantic and that went on for 6 rounds with still 1 Italian sub survived the whole game.
    If you wanted to see the battle of thee Atlantic it was there in game again.
    Italy went a lot towards Cairo and got it. due to the fact UK and US had to spend money more on Destroyers and a few Tacs to kill those German subs plus Germany had sub Interdiction on top of that and it was costing UK some money plus another 10 icps in convoy raiding costs per turn until Allies got it under control.
    The key for Axis is to keep UK income low as long as possible so it delays a landing.
    Allies did take Oslo for last ditch effort but couldn’t get another point back on the rest of map. Here’s some pics of game with the General’s hard at work.


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    This pic is of the German and Italian subs with Allies during the battle of the Atlantic.


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    This pic shows only 1 Axis sub in convoy box which it survived the whole game.


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    This pic is the turn where Germany is going in to Moscow and will capture it. The German units are on the coaster.


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    This was a great game and a great day. I played as the Italians… I chose the Italians since I had never been to one of SS Gen s games and didn’t know the rules well and --well wanted to watch and learn as well… As the Italians I did the normal of building a fleet and concentrating on the Med. as well as sending some armor up to help Germany as a can opener… I didn’t need to send my armor since they only took the Ukraine and then headed west. The German player - Ryan - did a bang up job… His first turn he got an event card that gave him 2 subs and with what was in the Atlantic as well as my two subs we were able to cause a lot of havoc to the allies… In fact so much so that the US spent at least 90% of there money in the Atlantic the entire game!!! As stated above one of my Italian subs just wouldn’t die and lived throughout the game hitting the allies for either 3 or 4 ipcs of convoy damage… --It was glorious!!! lol… Just to add Germany did buy 2 subs the first two turns so he did spend money on the battle of the Atlantic to great effect.

    Germany was able to build a variety of units each turn and concentrated on shuttling infantry to Leningrad via his transports in the Baltic… With the UK not being able to use his bombers on the naval fleet it was able to survive the whole game. I liked the rule except when I wanted to use my Italian bomber in the Red sea on the British fleet… Germany was able to slowly push its way into Russia and take Moscow while holding off a combined US/UK fleet attempting to kill all those subs that were staying alive in the Atlantic!! The UK and the US were able to take both Normandy and Western France with a large force but had to bail to take Oslo to get a victory city or lose… The Italians kept plugging away in Africa and with enough build up were able to take Cairo for another victory point… The two national capabilities that I had rolled for the Italians were Bravado and Black Shirts… Bravado gave my infantry an attack of 3 on a 12 sided dice and a defense of 5 on a 12 sided dice for defense with Black shirts… I bought a lot of infantry and attacked with them.

    Germany was able to swing through with his armor into the middle east from both Africa - and Russia capturing Stalingrad and the middle east oil fields gaining more victory cities. I was able to hold the UK at bay in Africa because of all the subs killing convoy boxes in the Atlantic forcing him to spend less money in Africa then I think he could have spent… He did build a full force each turn in S Africa though as well as fleet units in the UK.

    With all this happening in Europe it was hard to see all that was happening in Asia… I was seated south of Africa and could see India and Australia and they were reeling from the work that Carl was doing with the Japanese… And then it happened… Japan attacked the American fleet but didn’t use his combined fleet and lost badly – forcing him to redraw his plans… The US had 2 damaged battleships and 4 damaged carriers on the board that got away with an intact supporting fleet… This game was gonna go down to the wire… Japan kept trying different things - threatening Calcutta and then the US took the phillipines back and Japan sent his forces to retake it instead of Calcutta! Two event cards really hurt the UK during this game… One was a monsoon type weather thing that prevented him from moving units out of Calcutta for 1 turn… Which means his aircraft couldn’t be sent to Egypt and he couldn’t move his forces against the Japanese… It came at a critical time… Then 2 turns later when the troops are in Burma the UK player draws a similar card for Burma and they were stuck there… Boy did that help out the Japanese and the Axis in general.

    I learned a lot and had a lot of fun…

    Questions: Why are fighters only attacking at 5 and 5 on a d12 with the cost of 10, when a conversion would make them 6 and 8? They seemed expensive for the cost reduction… You can’t seem to rely on fighters to defend a territory with as much umph as you could before…
    Naval fighters even got hurt more attacking and defending 4 and 4 on a d12 for a cost of 8. I have no idea how this worked in the Pacific and may have worked well.

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    Thank you Mark for this great game report and for showing up to play for the game from a far distance of travel. Really appreciate it ! With Carl playing (4 games now) and you playing Italy helped Germany and speed up game a bit.
    I’ll try to explain the planes attack, defense and costs and why there that way in game.
    Bombers are to strong in any game. As far as no naval attack and reduced planes values is based on planes shouldn’t win all battles. I know that some bombers did kill ships but then where do you draw the line for them. I still have on list bombers being able to hit navy carpet bombing A3@1 for 1 round only. Or A3@2.
    As for figs and naval figs this gets tricky and the fig is the hardest piece to adjust to being to strong against navy but to weak against ground ( Inf D@4 ). Some good players that have been at game and see the fig being lower agree and even Carl said figs to strong against ships. The Axis did lose 14,000 planes in the Pacific.
    From history the naval fighters were a bit weaker and they had less armor or weight to land on Carriers than a fig. But of course US had the better navy figs as war went on but then you could always add those stronger pieces later in turns but for now we leave it where were at in game. If you add a stronger piece to an Allies then you need to add a stronger piece to Axis. Should mostly be 50 50 other wise then you are now affecting setups a bit. Not going there except for Russia or Germany if needed.
    All pieces are based on cost for punch as close as possible. As mentioned before in some games how can 1 fig kill a Battleship.
    Also in game The Tac/Dive bomber is your main killer in game and that was the way it was.

    As for the fig value C10 M5 A&D@5 41% + getting a DF plane kill @2 16% same battle is considered A&D@7 58%. But gets 2 kills. Plus a extra 1 move. Game is not based on where you can buy an airbase and just put anywhere.
    You mentioned fig A6 D8 = A50% & D66%. This gets you 1 kill.
    The reason for the ship AA ( big guns shooting at ships and anti air guns same time ) and plane Df ( some planes just attacking planes ) kill should be there and this forces the attacker or defender having to take a plane casualty in early rounds and not having just planes saved at an end of a battles. Thats crap. Planes where getting shot down during all battles and not at the end only. I asked Carl and he said keep it the same and Justin said same thing. I was asking them if Destroyer was to strong at C6 M2 AD@3 + get a AD@1 AA plane kill. If you have 8 destroyers ya you should get a better chance for a plane kill but also the Destroyer is mostly the first pick for casualties so its not over powering. If you raise cost to 7 will it hurt rest of countries ?
    The fig would be way to strong across the board if you made it A6 D8 + DF @2 kill. Also Axis would have a huge Advantage in first 3 rounds.
    Naval Fig C8 M4 AD@4 33% + gets a DF plane kill @2 16% = AD@6 50% but gets 2 kills too. So

    Fig C10 M5 AD@5 41% + AD@2 16% plane kill = AD 116% chance of 2 kills & +1 move
    N. Fig C8 M4 AD@4 33% + AD@2 16% plane kill = AD 100% chance of 2 kills
    Fig C10 M4 A@6 50% & D@8 66% = 116% but only 1 chance of a kill.
    Granted the percentages probably be lower than for my version if you wanted to go deeper some but it works.

    Yes as you also mentioned you need to bring more ummp to battles. Sea more Destroyers ( why they cost 6 and were the pawns ) and ground an extra punch piece to decide somewhat more of a battles. If this hurts Russia in the long run we can always add a fig or a few more Inf to setup. But this game I believe Russia didn’t defend Moscow well enough. Plus with Italy and Germany not having to buy as much ground for Europe for early landing defense helped both countries big time. I’ve never seen Europe that empty. This gives the Axis a few extra turns ( due to the battle of the Atlantic going on ) to send ground east in Africa and Russia.
    Also the fig values should make you buy more tac M5 /dive M4 bombers ( C10 AD@5 and if roll is a 3 or less can pick target ) and the cheaper naval fig is your fodder. In the Pacific its worth having 2 land figs on islands for intercept support but also help with fleets and naval planes being cheaper are used for fodder.

    Well I hope this answered your questions.

    So when you factor in costs and movement it should affect costs on a piece. As we play more the option of changing a piece value is always on the board and even can be adjusted during the game if caught early.

    SS OUT!

  • Was indeed an awesome game! Thanks Mark (AAGamer) for joining us, was very nice to meet and play A&A with you. As always, thank you, Ray (SS GEN), for hosting such a glorious event. Please see some of the pics below that I took during the game.

    US battles it out with Germany

    Random map shot

    In the background, Japan and US battle it out in the Pacific

    Italy extends its’ reach in the Balkans.

    I tell ya, I learn something new each time I play. Whether its success or failure, this game is so dynamic and fun. And it’s good to see a steady stream of players each month, let’s keep this momentum going all year long!

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