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    Some of my previous complaints have been addressed by looking more carefully at the war report screen.

    There needs to be a button to clear all moves loaded and start the phase from scratch

    There are so many unusual outcomes with RNG, those may be insurmountable or innate to computer games…but they actually force a different style of play than natural dice where I am losing “sure-thing” battles and having to bring more in order to “ensure victory”.

    Making the RNG far worse is the xmultiplier feature. I had a battle where 18 “2” were rolled, with a 1,2,4,4,5,6–the 1 and 2 chosen to be x6 and thus the final roll was something like 1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,4,4,4,4,5,6 = 12/18 hits which is way out of kilter. If the RNG is what it is, these randomized multipliers are obnoxious

    The game is emailing me way too much—100 emails a week. I dont need an email for player/joined/left.

    Once all the enemy units are killed, the rolling can stop. Same with subs “firing” when there are no valid targets.

    There is no reason we should have to communicate with map tags. I can still flame someone with a tag. It should just have a chat feature.

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    also as others have mentioned, maybe a ctrl+ click to move an entire stack at once

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    Might as well drop a line here and see if the Beamdog rep is still watching this thread (At work right now and forgot to post this to Steam/the official feedback submission page).

    For the past two nights, I’ve been having a somewhat complex network issue that I think I might know the reason for, but let me explain it anyway:

    When I load up AAO, I get the normal main menu, but when I click “Online” I see no active games and a notification that I have no active games. Attempting to click “Create Game” works as expected, but trying to click “Join Game” brings up another blank screen and a spinning loading icon, as if my Client is trying to fetch a list of active games from the Server, but is failing. There is a “refresh” button, but it does nothing, and the game list never appears (to experiment, I let the screen hang for 30 minutes while I was doing something else, but no game list ever appeared).

    The only way I can resolve this is to close the game and reopen it until the list appears. Even then, I am only able to successfully access my games roughly one out of every three times I open the game. Any time I finish making my move in a game and return to the main menu, I risk encountering this issue and getting trapped in another reboot -> load game -> check menus cycle, which can get annoying when I am in ~7 games and it takes me about 15-20 minutes of resetting the game just to access my next game.

    This is even an issue when attempting to join/leave game lobbies. I suspected that I started encountering these errors because of all the games I’ve joined (I’m in ~7 active games and was in ~20 lobbies last night), so I tried leaving all of the lobbies I’m in, hoping that would reduce the burden on my game Client. Even attempting to leave a game sometimes froze the game, leaving me with a screen that I can’t click (it’s shaded in a way that suggests a pop-up menu is open, even though that is not the case) and forcing me to restart the game.

    Similarly, my game sometimes locks up in the middle of my turn, forcing a restart. The only time a restart isn’t required is if the lockup occurs mid-battle. During a battle, the game will freeze before I can roll more dice (the “roll dice” button will be greyed out even though the dice already dolled), but after about 30 seconds I will be allowed to continue. If this lock up occurs during a movement/purchase/place phase, I am forced to exit to the main menu, bringing me back to the above error about the game list not appearing.

    Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this, or if it’s just due to my network connection being shoddy/being in too many games at once. I’m playing on minimum graphics settings and I already have a firewall exception for AAO on my computer, so that rules those two possibilities out.

    Please help my fiancee says I’m taking too long playing this game and she’s going to break off the marriage

  • @DoManMacgee I watch everything everywhere. The blank screen issue will be fixed (hopefully) by the next patch.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog Appreciated!

    If it helps from a debugging perspective, I played two “sessions” yesterday. First session was 8PM EST - 9 PM EST and the lag issue was pretty bad. Second session was from 12AM EST - 12:30 AM EST and the lag was not nearly as bad. I made moves in 3 separate games in the latter session and only had to reset once during a NCM phase. During the earlier session I had to reset after every turn I took, sometimes 2-3 times during a turn as well.

    I’m thinking it may be tied to server load/bandwidth issues from too many people playing/too many active games on the server, but I don’t have any hard proof of my thoughts since (obviously) I don’t have logs/health status checks from your Servers.

    My ping to the game is fine btw. Like 120 ms.

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    I don’t like the tit for tat dice roller. This means say attacker misses on everything, defender likewise. Next round attacker may get 3 hits and last second all the defending units hit for same amount. Its not the luck i remember on MSN game zone when we played classic AA via Milton Bradley computer game.

    But alas i am hooked. I think im playing in every online game, and training for the Harry Larris setup, which is terrible and gives nothing for the axis. The German Bomber is out of range of the UK fleet on G1. But what it may do is balance the game. But i win regardless. Don’t understand why more people didn’t sink $17 bucks. Its well worth it to at least support the possibility of a G40 version of this game.

    Getting tired on the constant reloads and freeze ups. They need to fix this ASAP, and they need to address why it takes so long to load up available games online.

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    Also wondering is their unlimited spectating in games your not in? just wondering.

    We need peanut gallery chat box interface so players can read kibitzer comments, which keeps them engaged. Its like watching a movie… just need Popcorn

  • Certainly a general chatroom or equivalent would be nice. Would be nice to poke fun at those who forfeit just because dice didn’t favor them in risky attacks on their opening turn. I didn’t know how to feel about “winning” before I took my UK1. Have people noticed a lot of that happening?

    Also I feel obliged to poke fun at people who do thischeez.png

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    OK tired of some jack leaving games without buying anything… and hes on my team!

    And some unchosen rule about automatically taking over his busted position. When this happens no points or score should be awarded.

    Another thing is fighters ( mostly Japan) that are moved, get stuck and the game cant continue as its frozen. nice game fellas…

  • @Striker What fun do you mean?

    @Imperious-Leader The bug with fighters getting stuck no longer happens. Please review the game you’re having a trouble with and check for potential landing options (including moving the ACs to the areas during non-combat move).

    If a player is on your team, please use the map notes to coordinate with them.

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    Just wanted to poke my head in and say that the lag issue I was experiencing a few days ago is cleared up. Life’s been busy so I haven’t been able to post in a bit, sorry.

    Only gripe I can think of at the moment is the issue with the FTRs not sinking alongside their Carriers, but that’s already been addressed/acknowledged so there’s no point beating a dead horse.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog Not being able to land planes and the game crashing, whether or not where the carrier moves during NCM … is not fixed. I understand moving one fighter one direction with the carrier, and another in the opposite direction might create a crashed plane, but instead of crashing the game freezes and cant be continued. You should allow the carrier to move in combat movement, then launch fighters so that don’t happen.

  • If there’s a crash that you can repro, please report at https://beamdog.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/3 with screenshots so that it could be investigated.

  • @JuliusBorisovBeamdog said in Further Features and Ideas:

    @Striker What fun do you mean?

    Maybe I’ll rephrase that as “calling out bad sportsmanship”:

    1. people who quit before turn one is done because their country got even slightly bad rolls.
    2. (in relationship to the screenshot): The same team made two games at the same time: Picking the axis side in the setup that is known to favor the axis and in there other game picking the allied side in the tournament setup that does not.

  • @Striker While I now understand what you mean, I guess that’s not a big deal. Players can take part in the games they want, and forfeiting is their right (it counts as a loss).

  • @JuliusBorisovBeamdog said in Further Features and Ideas:

    @Striker While I now understand what you mean, I guess that’s not a big deal. Players can take part in the games they want, and forfeiting is their right (it counts as a loss).

    Forfeiting is a right, but I fear poor community experiences could turn into a bigger deal to the point of endangering the health of the game.

    Put yourself in the shoes of, for example, a player choosing USA. One night he joins a game. He waits patiently for his turn over the course of a day as other players go first, he expects his turn the next night. Some slightly bad rolls happen on the axis side, and axis forfeits before US gets a turn. The US player has now wasted a day, how likely is he to recommend this game to his friends after this experience?

    I’ve noticed a small trend of standard setup games in the lobby with axis positions filled, waiting for allied players. I worry that as more players discover the axis bias in the out of the box setup we are going to see larger lists of games clogging the lobby that has axis positions filled waiting for some allied fodder to begin.

    Some sort of reputation/karma system might encourage better behavior.(Though being able to filter setup types may help problem 2 as well.)

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    What about players with busted positions quitting by doing stupid things, causing their teammates to also lose? Forfeiture is a right by others and by extrapolation teammates get a loss. How nice.

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    I’m beginning to think the only way out is to play one Axis and one Allied nation to avoid this… yes at the same time!

  • @Imperious-Leader If an ally is quitting, you get control over their side.

  • @JuliusBorisovBeamdog said in Further Features and Ideas:

    @Imperious-Leader If an ally is quitting, you get control over their side.

    I believe his issue is that the ally quits only after doing (intentionally?) an irrecoverable mistake.(Russian player buys a battleship and suicides charges his infantry into the nearest stack, exit game!)

    Edit: Or, as just happened in my German game. My Japanese Ally suicide charged his fleet and lost all naval assets…turn 2. He forfeited afterward and left me with an irrecoverable disaster.

    It is sometimes a blurry line between “forfeiting because an honest game is beyond hope” and “Trolling other players” but I really hope some communication/karma system is put in place.

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    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog No sir what you get is a bankrupt position because that’s why he quit, on top of that you get a loss because its not reversible.

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    Another problem is people are not quitting, instead they just keep the game going for weeks to avoid the loss. What should happen is you get 24 hrs to make move, if you fail just that player takes a loss, the others get no score either way.

  • I believe once we introduce the communication system before the game starts and the ranking system, these issues will decrease.

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    Well then dont COUNT these games in ranking system because they are not controlled .

  • I don’t believe the games prior to the introduction of the ranking system will count for the ranking system.
    The game is recording your wins and losses, but I don’t believe the record before the ranking system will matter.

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