Why doesn't anybody use the enhanced realism rules?????

  • people should start to use the enhanced realism rules because they are better, naval combat is much, much different.  There are building limitations for IC’s, new IC’s in new areas, and more.  You can build heavy tanks and infantry which are moved up a slot on the battle board.  You get air transports, heavy bombers, light and heavy cruisers, escort regular and super carriers, jets.  The battles run a little different as to where at the end of each cycle the attacker has the option to fall back and then the defender has the option to retreat.  Makes everything much more strategic.  Artillery is used differently.  With building limitations an example is in the baltic sea in one turn, Germany can build only one capitol ship or two minor ships.  All the countries have limitations and free units at the end of each turn.  These rules kick ass.  I’ve played around 20 games now these are the best.

  • I think my style of play is fairly realistic.  If I defeat you, I hold war crimes trials and then immediately execute you.

    Fortunately, I am undefeated.

  • Give me time Octo :-P

    Tri beat me the first two times also… he hasn’t beat me since :-D

  • Where can I find these enhanced realism rules?  They sound like they kick ass.  Can you provide a link?

  • never!

  • Hmmm… sounds like I’ll have to do some sleuthing.

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