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    When I’m playing a game that I paid so much money to play, I like everything to look professional. This includes the maps.

    I’ve been a little resistant to print out my own maps on 8.5 x 11 and paste them all together. It would look shoddy but mostly because I’m a little lazy about it.

    I’m posting this message because I think I’ve found a great solution. Going to Fedex Kinkos also seemed like a hassle but when I went chcek their hours I found out about their “File, Pring FedEx Kinkos” service. It’s basically a printer driver that opens up some software that allows you to send your printout to a local Kinkos (or delivered). This concept may not be new to everybody but I thought it was a cool discovery.

    So, I’m sending my 11" x 17" printout of a couple of maps tonight to be picked up tomorrow. I’ll post a response about how it went.

  • Dude, I had no idea about that. So lemme get this straight: this is basically emailing or forwarding what you need printed to the Kinkos instead of having to go all the way there (the nearest one is a bit distant in my area)? If that’s the case, that’s frickin’  beautiful. The main reason I haven’t printed out the new maps is for the same reasons you haven’t.

    You’re an everflowing font of Axis and Allies Miniatures knowledge…  😄


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    That’s exactly it. Click “Print.” Select Kinkos. Choose your Kinkos (or shipping). Go through a payment wizard. The print job shows up at your Kinkos. It’s great.

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    I just picked up my maps and they came out really well. I printed them on 11" x 17" glossy paper. The glossy, however, was not
    as glossy as the maps that come with the game.

    So next time I might try the cheaper Photo Laser paper.

    I’ll post pictures later.

  • Now I have to make a decision… buy a crapload of T-34s and Mosin-Nagants and start my Red Hordes, or print up new maps. It’s a hard decision, that’s for sure.


  • if your going to print out some of the other maps.  such as these  then make sure you just don’t print them on 11x17. or else your maps will be smaller than the ones that come with the starter set.  be sure to change the settings and make the actual print image size 16x10.5  that way you can match them all up and it will look really good.

    ~ side note.  be sure to tape the back of the map when putting them together with some blue masking tape.  it is made to peel away without ripping anything and i’ve been using it now for 6 months and my maps still look new

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