• Hey everyone,

    I have a quick question. Can Soviet militia attack outside of their home territory once their at war? I know they can move but I am not sure whether or not they can attack foreign land.

    Thanks for any help!!

  • I don’t think so. In the notes section for Soviet Militia it says “move 1 within Soviet Home Country.”

    I think the only way for it to attack would be if it was recapturing a Soviet Home Country territory.

  • @Wildcat6305

    Thanks for the reply,

    My buddy insists that Soviet militia can move “1” as it says on the sheet and refuses to agree that it is only within the Soviet Union. I find it to be an incredibly over-powered if they can attack anywhere.

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    Nope, the rule is that Militia can move 1 within Soviet Home Country. So they could not move to attack anything outside of the USSR original territories.

  • The relevant rules are unclear. Under the "notes’ section for Russian militia we find the “move 1 within Soviet Home Country” clause. Under the “Mobilize the Reserves” special rule we find “All Soviet Militia have a move of 1 once the USSR is at war with a Major Power.”

    Now we have two possible interpretations. First Soviet militia gain the ability to move once at War with a major power within their home country. Second Soviet militia have the ability to move within their country from the start and gain the ability to move outside their country once at war with a major power.

    I tend towards the second interpretation as it take each rule as written without adding clauses. The first interpretation requires that"…once at war with a major power" be added to the note section and “within Soviet Home country” added to the special rule.

    I do not know the “official” ruling however the direct interpretation of the rules as written would be that once at war with a major power Soviet militia have a move of 1 without geographic restrictions.

  • @Warwick

    I hope the next version of the rule book will be much more clear. Hell, I’d even offer to proof read it for them lmao

    Anyway, I emailed HBG about this and got the response of, “They [Soviet Militia] cannot attack outside of their country”.

    Does that mean original territory? Home territory? It’s still unclear. However, my buddy and I agreed that Soviet Militia may not attack outside of original Soviet territory but can move within their ever expanding home country.

  • HBG is the official source and I will modify my play accordingly. Thanks for let me know.

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    The Soviet Home Country does not expand as they gain new territories. Like all of the major nations in the game their Home Country is pre-determined before the game begins. It is all of the Russian territories that are connected by land to Moscow when the game begins.
    The Soviet Militia can move and attack anywhere within their own home country once they are at war with a major nation.
    The only Militia units that can move outside of their Home Country is the Italian Blackshirts.

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    Expanding on what GHG said here. The Home Country does not expand. It is only their original territories connected by land to their capital.

    Russian Militia may move/attack within any original USSR territories once at war with a major power. They may never move/attack anyone outside of any of their existing original territories.

    That is definitively the official rule, as they’ve been asked that question before!

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