• Hello everyone,

    If the FEC receives lend-lease then would it have to arrive in Calcutta, or could it arrive at any other port in India? I assumed that the FEC couldn’t receive lend-lease because it isn’t British home territory, but on the national reference sheet it says that Calcutta is India’s capital when tracing lend-lease.

    Thanks for any help!!

  • I believe they are trying to accomplish too much in too few of words.

    The basic rule for Lend-Lease Supply Path: “Lender’s Major Factory to Receiver’s Home Country.”
    Since as you mentioned, FEC is not Home Country it cannot receive Lend-Lease.
    Also, FEC’s Capital is technically London, so its Capital cannot be captured.

    To compensate for this, the game designers added the exception “The FEC capital is Calcutta for purposes of tracing lend-lease and capture of enemy capitals.”

    Meaning that for the FEC Calcutta is duel purpose acting as Home Country in terms of Lend-Lease only, and as their Capital in terms of capturing FEC’s Capital.

    IMO, the Rule should be written as “Calcutta is FEC Home Country for purposes of tracing lend-lease, and the FEC Capital for purposes of capture of enemy capitals.”

    But to answer your question, the lend-lease to FEC ENDS in Calcutta.
    As in normal Lend-Lease rules, if the shortest path of Lend-Lease goes through another Indian Port, then along undamaged railroads to Calcutta, then yes it can go through that Indian port.

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