Russia attacking a neutral pro axis nation

  • Russia start not in war with the Axis and cannot attack axis unless attacked first… But does attacking a Neutral Pro Axis nation (as Finland) count as an attack at Axis? or is this move legal?

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    @klykke89 Welcome to the forum 🙂

    This move would be illegal. Russia starts the war as a neutral power. So the respective restricitions apply. See Rulebook Pacific 1940.2, page 15. In the “Powers not at War with One Another”-section you will find:

    Neutral Powers: When a power is not at war with
    anyone, it is neutral. Powers that begin the game
    neutral, such as the United States and the Soviet
    Union, aren’t initially part of the Allies or the Axis.
    The Axis powers are on the opposite side of these
    neutral powers, but they are not yet considered
    enemies. While a power remains neutral, it operates
    under even tighter restrictions. A neutral power
    can’t move land or air units into or through neutral
    It can’t move units into or through
    territories or onto ships belonging to another power
    or use another power’s naval bases, nor can another
    power move land or air units into or through its
    territories or onto its ships or use its naval bases.

    So Russia can’t invade Finland while being neutral. Russia needs to be at war (with a European Axis power) before, thus leaving its neutral status by joining the Allies.

  • Thanks! It helps

  • And even so, USSR should not be in this position what so ever. Germany should take Finland on turn 1.

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    Curious, how could Russia ever want to invade neutral Finland? I cannot see a single scenario in which Germans to not make Finland German in G1.

  • @JDOW I’ve heard of some players saving it for Italy, why? I have no clue nor have I ever seen it in any game I’ve played.

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    @Caesar-Seriona really? i guess they send a man to germany, T1, load him on the german TT on T2, hope the germans can be in the finland sz on T3 to unload, just to have troops that can’t really get any offense?? and the germans miss out on 6 ipcs by not taking it T1. i’m puzzled as to how this works in a strat?

  • @Aaron_the_Warmonger I don’t know exactly the long term goal in Italian hands. The only conclusion I can come up with is to give Italy more of a northern Can Opening attack as well as give Italy more money for longer term play. Again, I find this foolish since it serves great use for Germany anyways. It’s been talked about, as said before, I’ve never seen it done and I have no plans to do it if I am ever Axis. I can see Bulgaria going Italian but not Finland.

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