• Were playing the 1936 scenario. Right now Italy is only at war Russia, since Russia declared war on Italy last turn. I’m wondering if I can fly that fighter that starts out on ERITREA over the canal in order to get it back to the homeland to defend his big rush.

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    @Klaykowalski You can fly over a canal regardless of who you are at war with. The only way you might be prevented from moving through a canal is when moving naval units.

  • On page 20, table 4-3, it says “Major Powers are considered neutral until they are at war with another Major power (even if they are at war with Minor Powers). Minor Powers are neutral until they are Aligned to a Major Power who is at war with another Major Power (even if they are at war). A Major Power may not enter or fly over a neutral nation without a declaration of war.”

    Then on page 8, 1.6 it says "1.6 Straits and Canals: Straits and canals are water passages that can be closed to nations that are at war with the nation that Possess them. It costs no additional movement to move through straits or canals beyond what is required to change sea zones even if that passage
    crosses a land zone. The primary difference is that a strait is located in a sea zone and a canal is located in a land zone. Thus;
    (a) Land units can cross a canal but not a strait. (b) Air units can fly over neutral straits but not a neutral canal. © Submarines can move through closed straits but not closed canals. (d) You could move through a strait the turn you captured its controlling territory but not through a canal. "

    So how can that Italian fighter fly over a neutral UK?

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    @Klaykowalski I see what you mean. Funny how you could move the entire Italian fleet through there but not a single plane.

  • I thought maybe I was missing something. But it sounds like that is how it is.

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