Lake County Ohio - Player?

  • Getting Back into Axis and Allies, I just got the 1940 pacific and Europe and am looking to play global. I also have classic, 1914 and Guadalcanal, Trying to find players near me. I have a great space to play and am willing to travel.

  • @11-Mike

    How far from Madison? I’m from Toledo area myself but have friends that live there and would give me a place to crash for a night or two. Just thinkin…

  • I’m right in Perry off off 84, only about 3 miles west of Madison village

  • I got a nice place to play and I am a teacher so I have a lot of days off. I don’t all time until August 12th

  • @11-Mike

    Cool, I will definitely keep that in mind. I probably couldn’t do anything this summer because I help watch my granddaughters a lot. I also have recently returned to playing the board versions I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find people in this area that play these games (I have several editions).

  • Hi Guys, I am in Mentor on the Lake, and would be interested in playing a game. I have Classic, and pretty much every versions made since (Revised, Anniversary, Europe, Pacific, Original 1940, and second edition etc…)… not that I’ve been able to log any serious play time, but been playing 30-35 years!

    if interested you can reply back here first!

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