Trouble posting to forum

  • Hey fellas, having lots of trouble getting a game to start up properly.
    I have fired up the tripleA program and do the following:

    diceserver: dice.triplewarclub
    Game ID: acesvgreg
    ‘play by forum’
    post to:
    topicID: tryout

    login: phaz
    password: dot dot dot
    ticked ‘attach saved game to summary’
    I clicked ‘test server’ and it said ‘success’
    clicked ‘play’ down the bottom

    It goes into the game, I have my Russian turn, then on the right hand side it has ticked “show dice/battle details” and “include savegame”, I click “post turn summary” and it starts working, then it comes back with an error message “failed to post to forum”.

    That is as far as I get.
    Something is causing it to get its knickers in a twist.
    I was wondering…, where does the, is it ‘MARDI’?..server fit into things? The email I am registered with on this site didn’t work on Mardi, so I had to use a different email to register. Would the fact that I have different emails between the site and the mardi dice thingy mean anything?

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    You may want to try using a gmail address. Here’s a link with some more info. It’s the second post you want

    If you still have trouble ask @Panther

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    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    I have forked your issue to a new topic, as it was a new one and somehow unrelated to the issue before. Also I have moved everything to the TripleA support forum.

    Using the MARTI diceserver and posting to the forum is unrelated. So you can indeed use two different email-addresses.

    For using the dice server you simply need to register an email address with MARTI.

    For posting to the forum you need to enter your forum credentials into the PBF setup. So your forum username “Phaz” and your forum password.


    Now in your case your posting to the forum fails, because you have set up an invalid Topic-ID “tryout”.
    You need to enter a valid Topic-ID here. For details see this topic:
    especially this posting:

    Once you enter a correct Topic-ID into the setup you should be fine posting.

    Just ask in case you need further assistance 🙂

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