Some of my stuff.

  • Noticed my new badge, thanks by the way, and figured I should put some up.20190322_080820~2.jpg Using T-34 and Is-2 made Su-100 and su-152.
    20190322_081441~2.jpg Gneisenau and Sharnhorst conversions. The U-boot sail was stolen from the classic sub sculpt.
    20190322_082357~2.jpg Using a two part epoxy stick a few small nails for damaged markers and fleet flags.
    Just what I happen to have at the moment. Will snap some more.Hope I didn’t screw this up and it doesn’t post right.

  • @Phelan-Kell

    Those damage markers were exactly what I mentally imagined creating. Seeing you have blazed this trail I have to ask details. Please how did you make these ???

  • 2019 2018 Customizer

    Congratulations on the Customizer badge! Fantastic job on the pieces, and the damage markers are amazing!

  • @Call77. Here you go mate.
    Will need a piece of glass to work on.
    Epoxy stick, available at most hardware stores.
    A straight knife blade, a little water and a dowel wrapped in wax paper.
    Slice a piece off the stick and knead per inst. then roll it out on the glass (dampen paper when it starts sticking) and cut three straight edges. A ridge on the bottom edge will help ship retention.
    Next scoop up the trailing end with the blade and stand it up while starting the plume shape.20190630_194355.jpg
    Wait for it to stiffen, then transfer to wax paper to finish curing. Once dry the epoxy can be shaped just like putty. It’s original purpose is a wood filler.
    Usually make mine 2cm long. An 11mm inner platform dimension will clear those wide '41 carriers. Definitely an improvement over ship tipping. Have fun.

  • Turned two oob UK mech. Inf. into M-3 Lee. My personal favorite being the Ta-152.

  • Try this again.20190630_212138.jpg 20190630_203854.jpg 20190630_204035.jpg

  • 2019 2018 Customizer

    Wow… you went to the trouble to make a Fw-190D! Impressive!

  • @Phelan-Kell

    Brilliant thanks for that

  • @DMcLaren
    I did. How did you guess?

  • Yorktown and Lexington class examples with Ranger. With a couple experiments at opening SBD canopies.
    The P-40s from '41 are a pretty easy conversion to P-51.
    Here’s Pit Road’s 1/700 scale Fw-200 Condor and He-177.
    I think I’ve figured out my photography problem. Closer look @ Ta-152.

  • 2019 2018 Customizer

    Nice job on the open canopies! The Shapeways carriers are looking good as well. We just got those delivered too and I can’t wait to see what FOlewnik does with them. Where did your P-51’s come from? They look good but I don’t recognize them as Shapeways (neither Ebard nor Snafu, and I just got some Snafu P-51’s that look awesome) or HBG.

    Keep up the good work!

  • @DMcLaren
    Carriers are just a mix of changed around reshaped oob and Hbg sculpts and parts. Yorktowns were super easy, just a funnel replacement. I didn’t go for near the detail you guys did. So awesome, still stare at them slack jawed.
    The Mustangs used to be P-40s from the 1941 set.

  • 2019 2018 Customizer

    @Phelan-Kell THAT’S why the P-51’s looked so familiar! Wow, great job on the conversion! And you had me fooled with the carriers- great job there as well, especially with the Lexington & Ranger.

  • I think these are the last of my modifications.

    An Illustrious turned into a Courageous. Not used as much since getting global, as mosquitoes do not fit to well.

    Had replaced the 251’s with Hbg sculpts mainly because of the crew area. Once I noticed they were different models, Hbg’s is the later D, I found some ways to use a few. Started using the top of a neutral truck to close the rain cover and a couple bridging units.

    The first successful? mods. If you don’t look to close at the suspension, these classic tanks could pass as early stug. They’re probably old enough to drink.
    Have fun.

  • 2018 2017

    @Phelan-Kell said in Some of my stuff.:

    I think these are the last of my modifications.

    An Illustrious turned into a Courageous. Not used as much since getting global, as mosquitoes do not fit to well.

    I really like your Courageous modification. As for Tac Bombers to equip on her, have you looked at HBG’s Barracuda Tac Bombers?
    HBG Barracuda Tactical Bomber

    Just a thought.


  • @Midnight_Reaper
    Anzac uses them. Had to make the tac. and lvl. bomber engine counts different, being that some in my group are not the most, let’s say “on the spot” when it comes to unit ID. Had to swap some navel units around for the same reason. Bristols went to the French.
    Before I put 'ol Glorious away, I started tinkering and found that filing the bottom of the Mosquito engine nacelles even to the fuselage solved the issue.
    Thanks mate.

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