[Global 1940] Free for All Rules (Axis and Allies Risk)

  • For the past 3-4 months me and my two Axis and Allies friends, after getting bored of the normal game, have been developing a version of the game sort of like Risk with the improvements of Axis and Allies. This took a long time, the board is not meant for this so through trial and error for many months and dozens of games we have developed a very good system. We have discovered that we enjoy this better than the actual game.

    In the beginning we just made every territory worth 1 IPC and manually chose starting factories (major) for 3 powers. Major factories could produce 5 units and Minor factories 3. We would then roll to see which player would play which starting factory. This worked. However, there were problems like never ending games, where one player would become too powerful and the other two would team up until it evened out. Another problem was the use of factories to defend territories. Another problem was the Eurasian players became too powerful. There were many many other problems.

    Thus, we balanced it all out to what we have today. I will explain what it is so that you guys can play if you want without going through months of trial and error. This is a three player version but should work with more.

    Each player rolls a dice. The player with the highest roll will choose their first capital. This can be anywhere but Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America or Southeastern Mexico (these would be too powerful positions in the Americas). You may choose, capture, and control all neutral territories that can be in the normal game. You may not settle on islands (not including Australia and Britannia). The capital they choose will start with a major factory and a tank. The player with the second highest roll does the same. Then the lowest roll. Then, the highest roller chooses a second capital no less than 8 land and/or sea units away from their first this territory also starts with a tank and major factory. The other players do the same in the same order.

    Then choose which capitals will be which powers based on how many roundels you project they will need (a player needing few could be Italy while one needing many could be USA). The turn order is the exact opposite order that the capitals were chosen.

    If 2 players have capitals in the African continent each African territory is worth 2 IPC otherwise they are 1 IPC each. If 2 capitals are on the American continents each territory is worth 2. If only one capital is on the American continent each territory is worth 1 and all territories on the opposite American continent (if in North then South, if in South then North) have 1 neutral infantry on it to defend (we use Chinese infantry)

    We also use oil, iron, and wheat markers randomly placed throughout the map (by numbering each territory and using a random number generator). A wheat is worth 1 extra IPC, iron 2, oil 3.

    Islands including Britannia and Australian territories, are worth 2 IPC each.

    The game is played just like a normal Axis and Allies game. We use technology but a different system which I will not describe here right now.

    One of the most important parts of the free for all rules is limited communication. Nobody can talk about strategy or about the current game. This is to avoid alliances and teaming up. When that happens the result is a never ending game. It’s kinda lame but you just talk about other stuff while you play.

    The game ends when two players surrender to the other or one player controls all the capitals.

  • @bfreestone2002 What’s been going on since then? 🙂

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