Netherlands Fights Back: Oil Question

  • Going to use the Netherlands expansion in my GW 36 game.

    I have a question: what is the point of the oil derricks in Sumatra and Borneo? They can be strategic bombed, but then have to be repaired.

    Does this only benefit the Allies? The Japanese would never strategic bomb them, to only have to turn around and repair them.

    What am I missing?

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    I guess it depends on how the game is going. If the Japanese found themselves unable to actually invade the islands, they might still want to damage the oil derricks to prohibit income to the Dutch. But I agree, this probably would favor the Allies, generally speaking, going with the assumption the Japanese take them over, and the Allies may only be capable of bombing for a while.

  • @Chris_Henry thanks for the reply. In my game, I am going to play for the same rules for Sumatra and Borneo as Curaçao. I.e. if Japan takes them, +1 for Allied production of most units

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