• What is your favorite country in European theatre game I havent seen one of these posts for Europe so lets go for it!!!

    Personally my favorite is Great Britain because they have the ability to chip and chide away at the Geramans in many places. Plus i think the fighting in Africa and Malta is some of the most important early game action of the entire game, and i believe it takes quite a skilled British player to come out of it with the Middleeast colonies intact. Plus i think its Great Britains job to help the United States hold on onto any invasions into France or Italy (or vice versa) so their almost always involved in the great amphibious landings. England’s and America’s actions are almost always inseperably linked and that linkage or cooperation is often what either spells victory or defeat. Anyway, whats your favorite country and why?

    " We will fight them on the Beaches, we will fight them in the fields…," Winston Churchill

  • Oh, it’s Germany all over again.

    If you act clever, you can pound these Russians into the ground and hoist your flag in Moscow before any of those allied slugs even get in gear :D.

  • The US is my favorite because i find it quiet fun and challenging to invade Africa and organize amphibious landings with the British in Italy or France.
    Taking the IC in Northern Italy is so demoralizing to the German player.

  • definitely Germany.
    They’re just so much fun!!  You have several fronts to watch for, you have tons of units and cash, and if you are quick-like-bunny - you can win pretty handily.

  • The Germans have a great choice for strategy: invasion of Moscow, Sealion…and if you are crazy…invasion of the U.S.

  • It would be the same for me i love to play the Germans in all of the Axis and Allies games but in Europe I feel more powerful with all the units at your will.  But also cause it gives you more of a challange in to decide what you want to do first or if you want to go a diffrent route then historical.

  • might have to be russian….no japanese to worry about this time round 😄

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