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    Hey all,

    Hoping to ask this question here. I emailed HBG, but can’t ever seem to get a response from them these days. I emailed the info@historicalboardgaming.com address. I try to avoid emailing Will or Doug directly, out of respect for not circumventing their process. Does anyone here know if they would in fact prefer to email them directly, as opposed to the generic info address?

    Anyways, I had three questions regarding Canada Expansion:

    1. In the setup section they mention The Patricias are to be set up on the “Canadian Prairies” territory. There is no such territory on the map. Does that by chance mean the Alberta-Saskatchewan territory? Or is it another?

    2. Similarly, in the setup section they mention the naval base being set up on “The Maritimes”, which is another territory not on the map, I assume this must be Nova Scotia? Just wanted to clarify, since Labrador also borders SZ21.

    3. In the original set up for Great Britain, they start with an Infantry on Ottawa. Is that replaced entirely by the QOR piece? It doesn’t say anything specifically about “replacing” like it does for the sea units, so I also just wanted to clarify that.

    I’m overall pretty happy to see this expansion. I like that it’s in no way overpowering, but adds the cool flavor of another nation to showcase. Would love to see if South Africa and the Axis Minors (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland) ever get a similar treatment in anyway. I know these things add to the length of the game, but I don’t think many of us are playing GW1936 for a quick game anyways 🙂

    Thanks for your help!


  • @Chris_Henry I have the same question as your #1 and #2. I really have no idea especially on #1. I deducted that “the Maritimes” must be Nova Scotia. However I have no idea on the prairies. I am going to assume Alberta - Saskatchewan.

    I also found an even bigger issue in the CAW rules: text says Canada gets 3 IPP income and starting money, but chart says 2. I am going to play it as being 3, but it would be nice to get a clarification.

    On your #3, I think the new GB setup has a militia only in Ottawa, so will just replace the militia chip with the QOR chip.

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    @cdatkins74 Ha I had not even noticed that one! I guess I’m unsure how that should be played. My assumption is that they should be given 3 IPP to start with. I say that because it is clearly written early on. I’m sure there was a typo in the chart. Plus, Canada only has +2 IPP’s of potential peace time income increases. That would only bring them to 4 IPP if they only start with 2 IPP. Meaning, they could never reach their full wartime income, and the ability to declare war, until the UK herself was attacked I would think.

    Good call on #3. It appears I was oblivious to the fact that I’d accidentally scrolled down to the 1939 setup and saw the Infantry in Ottawa there. My mistake!

  • @Chris_Henry no worries, and I am sure you are right on the 3 IPP versus 2 IPP.

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    @Chris_Henry I can confirm that the Patricias ( Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry) are indeed located in the Alberta/Saskatchewan territory. I have been to their base and it’s located in Edmonton which is the capital of the province of Alberta.

    In Canada we refer to the Maritimes as any province east of Quebec. We also refer to it as Atlantic Canada. Not all of the provinces are shown on the map and some were still British colonies during the war so just place your naval base on Nova Scotia.

    The Queen’s Own Rifles unit should be the only one on Ottawa. Obviously with the home country under attack they wouldn’t station an infantry unit in Canada. The original setup would have that unit instead of a Canadian unit because there are no Canadians in the OOB setup.

    The starting income in 1936 is 2 IPP. I confirmed that with Doug before the final rule set was finished so I don’t know why the chart still says 3. Yes they would only go to 4 IPP’s during peacetime with bonuses. They would automatically go to 5 IPP’s when at war and they would lose their peacetime bonuses. At that point you would be trying to get the wartime bonuses.

    I’m certain of this information since the designer of the CAW set was here at my home to play while we were using it.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade This video has all of the correct information;

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    @GeneralHandGrenade Thanks for the info, GHG! Much appreciated as always!

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