HBG Quietly Announces Plans to Re-Release Amerika, Pieces in New Colors

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    HBG recently announced a re-print of their game Amerika. The difference between the first print and the newly-announced second print will be the color of the pieces. To quote HBG: “… new Amerika Game with [T]an Allies, Black Germans, and Yellow-Gold Japanese” (Source)

    What I elided out of that quote is that if you have a copy of Amerika and just want the new pieces, HBG will accommodate you, but only for a short while. The full quote goes: “Pre-Orders on Tan Amerika Allies Sets will be available for 4 weeks only (Ends July 16), after that they will only be in the new Amerika Game with [T]an Allies, Black Germans, and Yellow-Gold Japanese.”

    So, making the Allies Set in in Tan allows one to get HBG Centurion tanks and Meteor Jet fighters in British Tan. But only for the next 2 to 3 weeks. (Recently, HBG announced that their French Set would be available for pre-orders in a “light blue” or “Free French” color until the 5th of June. Only pre-orders were cancelled before then, and if you were too slow, you missed out.) So, if this sounds like something you would like to have, you will want to move sooner rather than later.

    One thing to point out, these Pre-Orders on Tan Amerika Allies Sets include not only the Allies Set pieces from base game pieces but also the Allies Set pieces from the Amerika Expansion Set “Bring in the Heavies”. Well worth it if you already have Amerika and the “Bring in the Heavies” expansion and you just want the new pieces, worth it if you already have Amerika and you just want the new pieces, and also worth-while if you just want to equip your late-war British in a game of Axis & Allies or Global War '36 or '39 with some awesome new tanks, mechs, self-propelled guns, jet fighters, and jet bombers.

    For the visually-inclined, a picture of some of the pieces is available here:
    thumbnail picture of tan Allies pieces from the re-release of HBG;s Amerika game

    For those that want to know what all you get, here is a listing of what you are pre-ordering for when you put down your $38 ($32 for the pre-order, $6 shipping in the US):

    Unit / (US Green Pieces) / (British Tan Pre-Order Pieces)
    Base Game
    B-48 Jet Bomber / (6) / (4)
    Centurion Medium Tank / (10) / (4)
    M19 SP AA Gun / (8) / (6)
    M43 SP Artillery / (10) / (6)
    M75 Mechanized Inf. / (8) / (4)
    Meteor Jet Fighter / (10) / (4)
    Rangers (Elite Infantry) / (20) / (12)
    T-29 Heavy Tank / (8) / (4)

    Bring in the Heavies Expansion
    B-47 Jet Bomber / (5) / (4)
    M6 Heavy/Medium Tank / (5) / (4)
    M36 Tank Destroyer / (5) / (4)
    P-59 Jet Fighter / (5) / (4)
    T-28 Heavy/Super Heavy Tank / (5) / (4)

    And if you’re ready to pre-order some awesome Brit pieces, HBG is standing by: http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/Battle-Pieces--Amerika-Set-Tan-Pre-Order_p_3425.html


    P.S. Edit to correct spelling.

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