• On the Netherlands player sheet, they are suspiciously omitted from the Order of Play. Surely this is just an oversight. Is there any information out there about when they go in the turn order? Currently, I have them go during the French turn.


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    I asked this same question three years ago on their Global War web page (link here: http://www.globalwargame.com/www/dwqa-questions/.

    The response I got at the time from Will was “Rule 4.1 gives you a choice of assigning them to the British, FEC, ANZAC or French player.”

    Rule 4.1 reads:

    4.1 Player: Because the Netherlands is small, and likely to be eliminated quickly the
    Netherlands should be played by the French, British, FEC or ANZAC player.

    While I disagree that this is clearly stated in the rule, that’s the answer that I was given, and so is official! Rule 4.1 only states what player should control their forces, not opining on where exactly in the turn order they go.

    Regardless, they would all be lumped together at the same time with the UK, FEC, ANZAC, French player turns, as they all happen one after another and/or simultaneously, and so at least wouldn’t effect the turn order of the Axis powers.

    So I guess it’s still ambiguous on if they go before the UK, after France, or between the two. I personally have them go after the UK. I think the argument could be made for potential can opening maneuvers if they were to go before the UK. While this could also be said about them going before France, the fact that they would have been UK units if not playing with the expansion to me leaves the least amount of potential change in ripple effects to game play due to turn order.

    I hope that answers your question!


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    To clarify myself, when I say I have them go after the UK, I mean all UK and/or Commonwealth nations. So my turn order is: Great Britain, Far East Command, ANZAC, The Netherlands, France & Free France.

  • @Chris_Henry Thanks for the info!

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