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    Hey all!

    Been away from the forums for a little while, life seems to get in the way 🙂

    I’m getting that itch to finally paint my units, and am hoping for a bit of help here.

    Does anyone have any good painting tutorials/tips/etc.? I’m asking anything from the specific brand and colors of paint to use for each army/unit, to different techniques to getting this done!

    I’m hoping to get a lot painted. I’m talking all major powers, with some minor/neutral powers done too. Would love to have Canadian, South African, Greek, Finnish, etc. all looking awesome on the board. As well as desert, jungle, European, winter, etc. schemes for armies.

    I suppose of biggest concern would be getting the right colors! If anyone has any tips on any of this, all would be greatly appreciated!



  • @Chris_Henry I’m completely new as well but vallejo has some amazing world war 2 specific colors. They’re quite expensive though, so only get the really specific ones like “German Uniform” or some of the sets like “Allied Forces” and “Panzer Aces.” To get a good variety of them so for the more basic colors go to a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

  • @Chris_Henry
    Research Research and don’t forget research! Will give you all that, colors, patterns, when and where used. I’ve been building models since the 70’s and have a pretty extensive library, but I guess now it’s all just a click away.
    Using a mix of Tamyia and Vallejo acrylics with testor enamels, Vallejo model washes (green, brown, lt. grey, black mainly) with various liquid and rattle-can sealers and lacquers.

    A bare bones technique.
    Paint base color and camo, next day apply the appropriate wash to recessed lines and around raised detail not to heavy, as first pass will soak into paint for a nice color variance. Dry a cpl hrs and repeat, second pass will settle into the grooves and create panel separation. Let dry and seal. Markings next, if using decals, brush a little gloss lacquer where you want it. Sticks better and helps prevent the clear film from showing. Once those are sealed “dry brushing” remove just about all the paint from your brush then lightly go over the piece trying to only hi-lite corners and edges. Final details tires, tracks, windows etc. to what lvl. you desire and one final coat of lacquer.
    My biggest problem has been the balance between detail and playability, for the people that don’t know a Panther from a T-34 or has trouble telling a cruisers from destroyers.

    Have fun with it, there’s definitely lots of inspiration out there.

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    Thanks for that! I looked up Vallejo, and yeah, your’re right, they have whole sets devoted to different forces! Looks like they’re geared towards FoW and/or Bolt Action, but the schemes should largely still work the same, despite the smaller, less detailed units!

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    Thanks for the great reply! I am hoping to add decals to each as well, so thanks for that tip too. Sounds like I definitely do need to do a bit more homework on this before I get started. I want to do it right!

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