• I understand that HBG is developing a new version of of Global War 1914 that will interconnect with the other Global War eras. There is currently an older version of GW1914 available for free on HBG’s website, and it has units that are not available in A&A1914 like cruisers, bombers, and cavalry.

    Does anyone know where I can find sculpts for these additional units? Either miniatures or 3D printed models will work. I assume HGB will eventually release pieces for their games. In a pinch, I could use G40 pieces as place holders, but I’d really like to keep it aesthetically in the right time period.


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    @JustLuthor Cruisers come with A&A 1914, so you don’t need to find more (it’s destroyers that the 1914 fleets lack, but that’s a different story).

    HBG sells cavalry units, but they come in the G40 colors as they are meant for GW '36. You could buy a bunch in white and paint or dye them, though.

    If you were interested in destroyers for a WWI game, HBG also sells torpedo boat destroyers (essentially, obsolete destroyers from WWI) for GW '36, with the same drawbacks as the cavalry from HBG.

    As for bomber units, the best I know to find some would be to find some on Shapeways. The HBG store there has a variety of WWI bomber designs. The drawbacks there are that buying 3d printed units can become quite pricey and they are not usually available in the color you might want, so more dying or painting for you.

    My 2 IPCs, anyways.


  • @justluthor Sorry for pulling up an old thread, but there is now a lot more 3d printed units on HBG’s site. This includes large numbers of bombers and ships, but also fighters, tanks, and some artillery. They are all in grey, so they need to be painted.

  • @trig I’m looking forward to the upcoming GW1914 game they’re developing now.

  • Um will this game be like GW 1936 where you buy the game pieces separately or will it come with it when you buy the map?

  • @board-3659 separetely

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