Partisan Expansion

  • Hi guys a couple of questions regarding partisan expansion. First one, when partisans do the disrupt IPP’s option is it unlimited, or are they limited to disrupting the value of IPP’s that the land square is? Secondly, when it comes to killing them and you are playing with all the land defensive bonuses do they receive the bonus? And in order to attack them can I move land units in to attack them (say and amphibious assault)or do I have to have land units in the square at the beginning of turn to attack them?

  • @Klaykowalski I have never played with that expansion. However I am curious whether you are using other expansions as well? For me, Partisans seems to heavily favor the Allies. So if I ever used it, I would balance it by something that favors the Axis - like Elite of the Reich or something like that.

  • Were playing with a bunch of expansions.

  • Just seems like my opponents are taking the rules too far. They’re making it very hard to kill them and allowing them to take IPPs way beyond what seems fair.

  • If Japan has 5 inf. in Pekin and there are 3 partisans there also, when japan attacks those partisans do they get a -1 while the partisans get a +1 for the city bonus/penalty? Were playing Saturday and would like to get this clarified. Thank You.

  • @Klaykowalski
    On page 5, of the partisans rulebook there is a box that states what partisans are not. One of these is that they “are not counted as regular land units for any reason.” I interrupt that as meaning they do not receive a defense bonus, unless they are specifically mountain partisans.
    As attacking penalties, infantry and cavalry are still subject to attacking penalties such as river rules. However, river rules apply when a unit combat moves into a zone. So a solution to avoid the penalty it to noncombat move into the zone and attack the partisan on the following turn. That is how I have been handling the terrain bonuses/penalties.

    As for the resource disruption, the partisans only succeed on a 1-3. So you have multiple partisans in a territory to get above 3 IPP loss. I would think that you couldn’t lose more than the territory is worth though, similar to convoy raiding. It doesn’t state that in the rules.

    As far as killing partisans, remember that all partisans actions have a failure value. If the partisan rolls that number they are eliminated. Cavalry and infantry can attack partisans, so you have to have several units to increase your odds of hitting them. They are not supposed to be easy to eliminate (between being attack by low % units and their fade ability.)

  • Thanks, that’s how I read it too.

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