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G40BML Argothair Allies vs Karl7

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    @Argothair said in G40BML Argothair Allies vs Karl7:

    I think I’m still pretty doomed! I’m willing to play on for a few turns to see how it goes, but there’s a stack of 10 Japanese fast movers in East Persia and absolutely nothing to stop them. You definitely wind up with Iraq, and probably Stalingrad or Egypt, too. The Americans have no follow-up in the Atlantic, and the Japanese are just swarming with all kinds of units in the Pacific, so the Americans are unlikely to gain ground there, either. Rome is alive again and it’s not clear which Allied country will be in a position to do anything about that, or when.

    It’ll be nice to have British income coming in again, but without a serious British army, fleet, or air force anywhere on the board, there’s a pretty sharp limit on how much impact they can have.

    Yeah, understood… We can end this one and start a new one… if you want. I’ll give you the Axis +6.

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    Sure, that’s a generous offer, thanks! I’ll take you up on that. New thread coming in an hour or so.

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