• I read somewhere there was a way to change the unit colors, but I have unable to figure out how? Can someone point me in the right direction?

    As custom painting the units is a popular pastime for the board game, can we do it with the computer units? This could help with the common issues of telling Cruisers from Battleships, and Tac Bombers from Strategic Bombers.

    Finally, can we change the basic unit shapes/sculps?

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    @Grintch All the related graphics are inside the “assets” folder of your TripleA installation.
    Additionally there are or may be graphics inside the map.zip-files of the map you are interested in.
    In case there aren’t any graphics in the map.zip-files, those in the assets folder of TripleA are used.

    So you usually would change the unit-design in the map folder or add your own units there.
    Those files are png-files, so you can customize them with any image manipulation software.

    For deeper information I would recommend that you open a thread here:
    There are active map makers who might help you.

    Good luck 🙂

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