• Lets start off by making it clear that I am all for the set 3.  They have made some great additions to the game.  However. In a recent game in which I was Germany I had a Sniper in a hill hex, and several infantry units in a forest hex.  These units had not fired a shot, and were concealed when my opponent proceeded to use his airplane in the first turn to kill my sniper, and in then in in his next turn to kill the infantry in the forest hex (both times I missed my cover roll).

    Now I do not claim to be a World War II veteran or even expert for that matter, however I find it idiotic to think that somehow this plane was able to locate and kill my units when they had cover.  I think that this is a weakness that needs to be addressed.

    I know in future games of mine I will put into place automatic cover for units in cover eligible hexes, unless said units are either being spotted by an observer or engaged by other enemy units during that turn?

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    The airplane rules are a little too oversimplistic.

    I agree that the planes should not be able to hit units in cover as easily as they do. The defender of a plan attack should, at the very least, get +1 bonus on their cover roll.

  • i played a game today that included multiple aircraft in it.  i also think that the rules that are involved in the role of aircraft are in need of some rewriting.  I lost 2 snipers and 4 snlf fanatics before i was able to take down only one of his aircraft.

    I think they should only be able to attack solders in the open or on hill but not in forest cover.  When it comes to vehicles there should be a bonus on cover saves in forests

  • Plains should be able to shoot at units in cover but they should lose points on their dicerolls cause they cannot see to clear where their target is they just know it is somewhere around in that hexe.
    When plains attack units which are not in cover then they should have no penalties to their dicerolls.

    I would go for the following deductions:
    -1 for attacks in the hills
    -2 for attacks in the woods or cities

    -1 for attacks in the woods
    -2 for attacks in the cities

    Bombers(not sure there are any bombers yet):
    -1 for attacks in the cities

  • maybe you should add +1-+2  on the cover roles… ill try that out

  • Most of these suggestions would go well with the House Rules sets on the other A&AM forums; most of the sets have one common idea when it comes to planes: only units with the SA: Anti-Air should be able to shoot them. Me? I think MGs should too, but that’s just me. But a Garand shooting down a Stuka? Silly. Infantry never did enough damage to planes to warrant how easy it is in the game rules.

    From the HHR:

    Air Rules

    HHR uses the Flak Only Rule. Only Flak and other planes can shoot at planes. The four flak units so far are

    1. the 20mm Flak 38
    2. the Quad 50
    3. the Bofors 40mm
    4. the Wirbelwind

    The Luftwaffe Inf has been stripped of its AA ability, further changes subject to a full review of that unit (coming shortly). Although the Wirbelwind hasn’t been formally reviewed, we have already voted to give it Double Shot. Any other units that are going to be recognized as Flak units are either future releases or may be introduced on a case by case basis.

    All Flak units get a 4 hex zone of defensive fire. During defensive fire, if a flak unit scores a disruption on a plane, and rolls 3 sixes while doing so, then the plane is Aborted and is immediately removed from the map to the off map area with a face up disrupted counter. It may come back onto the map the following turn with its face up disruption counter if the owning player so desires.

    Yes, the Soviets don’t have a dedicated AA unit – but their standard AA gun was a knockoff of the Bofors weapon.

    From DerickRL’s House Rules (different than HHR):

    When attacking aircraft, all ground units, without the SA: Anti-Air, use their long range infantry attack as a medium range attack, and their medium range attack as their short range attack(with -1 to each die). No long range attacks against aircraft are available to units without the Anti-Air SA.

    All soldier units get +1 on each die to cover rolls from aircraft in town or forest hexes.

    All short and medium range hexes are considered to be adjacent for purposes of defensive fire attacks against aircraft by Anti-Air units

    Artillery & Assault gun’s can not attack aircraft unless they have the SA: Anti-Air.

    All units with SA’s: Blast and/or Bombardment cannot attack aircraft.

    I think a mix of the two would be nice, since I like HHR’s, but I also like how in the latter units get +1 cover in towns and forests vs. planes.


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