Japan goes to south africa. Worth it?

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    @Juno said in Japan goes to south africa. Worth it?:

    @simon33 Blast. Okay - thanks, yeah I am (likely) going by 1st edition - I got it a long time ago and going off the rules in the box. I’m out of touch with the newer editions.

    That limits the options. Hmmm…but makes sense. Without it the allied USA objective in Europe would be Norway, Norway, Norway, every time.


    heh heh worth a try anyway 🙂 Welcome to the boards Juno 🙂

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    well, as you can see, we are going for kill the ANZACS in peace and quiet.
    Japan pulled in 91 IPCs last turn, and hopefully have the ANZACS down to 3 IPCs a turn. The US did not add any navy to the hawaiian sea zone, i added 2 destroyers, 1 sub, 1 Fighter, and 1 TB. Hoping the jap armour divisions begin to pressure the factory in egypt and my european teammate can push back the allies!

  • @Aaron_the_Warmonger Yeah, things will work out for you. Strange US fleet maneuvers. What’s that fleet doing near Iceland?

    As difficult as it may be (looks like you got it covered) - and the US needs to use a turn to get within distance, best chance the allies have in Europe is for UK to take Denmark followed by the US taking Berlin in a can opener one-two punch. Probably only get one chance so hopefully the dice rolls are on your side. Japan: I don’t know what to do with them - after the assassination attempt in Germany, I’d shift absolutely everything into the Pacific and possibly bring Japan into a Pacific stalemate.

    Looking good though,…

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    @Juno i should have noted that the iceland patrol is actually in 110, we just ran out of space. i have a 99 percent chance of victory over the US pac fleet w/ average of 13.5 units remaining, but he isn’t really adding to it, so i’m trying to get to where i don’t have to sac a bunch of planes and carriers to take it out as hawaii is heavily defended. i’m starting to feel like i have ANZAC so nerfed that tanks towards egypt/moscow maybe be a faster back breaker than the ANZAC slog… Japan is collected 91 IPCs, if i buy 9 tanks a turn and crash into the center of the board, that leaves me w/ 36 or more IPCS a turn to dump into aircraft and navy to overwhelm the US in hawaii, then i can move up and convoy western US. using the japs to just choke the pacific and crush egypt (which has a complex, the cat just got it) or take on moscow is so tempting… My next buy should put the last ACC i own in the box on the board.

  • @Aaron_the_Warmonger spare a German or Italian bomber to send to Japan to clear out his blocker at Hawaii?

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    @weddingsinger that would be a great deal, but it seems like a long trip to get to that SZ…

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    @Aaron_the_Warmonger said in Japan goes to south africa. Worth it?:

    @weddingsinger that would be a great deal, but it seems like a long trip to get to that SZ…

    maybe go all doolittle mode. pack a few extra gas cans and throw the machine guns out or start early and pack a lunch.

    sorry 🙂

  • @Aaron_the_Warmonger Makes sense now (phew)… but hey, whatever people have different priorities and maybe there was a nice pub or something in Iceland the person enjoyed. Secure what you can right?
    Haha anyways, the Japs are clearly doing good and yeah - either Moscow or Egypt. Even all of Africa. You can’t do much wrong. And yes, I now saw that stack of Italians in Western Germany - allies cancel Berlin OP. Europe is pretty secure. It will take some time but force them into big battles with the income they have, they’ll be forced to turtle like the Australians. Just a matter of time.

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    @Juno we were waiting for him our opponent to beachhead in greece, and he just didn’t for quite awhile, and when he did, we were ready for it as his lack of pressure allowed italy to buy planes (we are up to 4!). Which is why we’ve been able to wander up to west germany with a stack of italians! My europe teammate hasn’t really played any long games like this one, and he finally understands why i start the game shuffling a couple infantry every turn to Denmark even when it isn’t threatened. its nice to have a massive stack of infantry with some planes and AAA guns to fend off a combined attack. It looks like japan isn’t in danger of losing its 90+IPCs a turn for quite awhile.

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    well, after an eventful few turns, japan captured western australia and the northern territory, bombed out the minor factory in new south wales, convoyed ANZAC to 3 IPCs a turn, and established 6 ground units, 7 planes, 2 bombardments a turn hitting the continent every turn, the Allies concede. Next game is myself as japan, an ally as Germany/Italy, against our friend controlling all the Allies and getting a 25 IPC bid. Time to see what happens! thanks everybody!

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    that cat looked dangerous!!!

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    might i also suggest our suggested poor boy table. Take a piece of 8X10 plywood and screw it to the top of the plastic table. Much more room to play.

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    @seancb we also use a giant piece of plywood because any oval table we could find won’t fit the whole board. Its much better to have something under the board (or vinyl) because prevents the board from getting knocked or moved and has at least some sideboard area for piles of chips and drinks and extras. Still, we need dice pits and another area to put most of our stuff because the game is simply that yuge.

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