• I will be attending a gaming convention in two weeks. Haven’t been to one in years. Does anyone know if there is specific tournament rules for A&A 1940 that I should know prior to arriving? Like how countries are picked?


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    Hi PT

    I would suggest asking the organizers of the tournament you are attending, as there are more than one and not all tournaments have the same program.

  • Hey Paul,

    To echo Barnee, it really depends on which tourney you’re attending as they all have slightly different rules. If you’re talking about the Strategicon tourney that happens in two weeks, I can help you out. Otherwise, yes, contact the organizers.


  • @BobbaRossa yes. That’s the one.

  • @Paul-Thomas Awesome! Glad to have you. Typically we do team selection based on number of people who showed up. Some people like to play solo and some have partners, but we try and divvy the folks up so that we have an even number of teams. Team vs. team matchup is determined by random matching (typically the out of a hat method 😛 ). The matchup decides which board they want to play between them. Any official A&A game is allowed for selection, but if an agreement can’t be made the default is 1940 Europe for the qualifier rounds and 1940 global for the final. The teams then bid for sides, roll for first bid and can go whichever direction you’d like. Once sides are selected the teams decide internally if they want to divide themselves up by country or not. At that point, game on!

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll see you in a week and a half 🙂 .

  • @BobbaRossa

    Thanks for the response. That answered many of my questions. Make sure to introduce yourself over the weekend. I will be there on Friday for set up.


  • @Paul-Thomas Ah, yeah. The “setup” period on Friday is a bit of a misnomer, it’s more casual play for whomever’s around. The tournament setup starts at 9am Saturday and we usually get started around 9:30-10. Folks don’t leave their boards setup overnight since it’s an open room and there tend to be children wandering about the hallways.

  • @BobbaRossa Some pre comp gaming would be good for me. I have been playing AA 1940 for a while with a few friends. I came to this show about 10 years ago. I played the original AA and found out that we were interpreting some rules of the game wrong and learned some great moves that we had not contemplated prior. Though I’m a good player, I’m hoping to get more envolved with local playing groups to play more offen and to learn.

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