• The box says “decide the fate of the world in a few short hours”  I’m not sure about you but to me 8 hours is not a few short hours.  I don’t mind that it takes that long to play, it just means that I have to plan a game a month in advance instead of people coming over and me randomly saying “Hey, Lets play Axis and Allies.”  How long do your games last on average.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I seldomly play ftf and can’t put forward any vote.
    But my games lasts 6-7 turns…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Sometimes my games have lasted 6 to 9 hours.  But when it’s in the 8 or 9th hour, some of us are just, hurry up and finish my country off already.

  • I’ve been there.  Usually when I detect that attitude in me then I just resign.

  • In the Operation Manual (OM), I remember you can find some explanation on the hours spent…

    If you play for 8 victory cities (VC), the game lasts 2-3 hours….
    If you play for 10 victory cities,…
    And 12, too…

    So, if you check the OM on the subject of VC’s… you’ll see that the shortest game can be played in 3 hours!!!
    this is what is mentioned on the box.

    and yes, 8 VC is “decide the fate of the world in a few short hours”
    only, it’s too easy to play and by that it is seldom played 8 VC… right?
    but you could play it in a few hours (playing 8 VC) if you wanted to!

  • Im in a game that has been going on for like 2 months now.  We play like 1-2 times a week for about 2 hours each session.

  • 8 VC held for an ENTIRE round (capture one round hold them the next) is (IMHO) agreat way to change things up, one of you guys suggested iot awhile back and i have been lobbying our group to change from the 9 VC (i.e. race to moscow vs. triple team) to this format and feal confident i will be successful (if that dirty word “work” would quit getting in the way of our play time)

  • Yeah when time is limited that works well.  I just don’t feel that 8VC realy shows who won.  To take 10VC you have to control most of the board anyway so, it feels more like a victory.

  • The longest two games ive ever played were both A&A Europe, one was the first time i had gotten the game i think it lasted 7 hours maybe…
      The second time i was playing my dad (games between me and him are much more evenly matched) and the game lasted several days, playing six hours one day and three another, so a total of nine.

  • I don’t know how you guys can take so long to play.  We can get a standard 10 rounds of play done in 3 hours.  You just have to roll dice quick and think about what your going to do before your turn.  But there is the exception of certain games where the game drags on and on but for the most part it should be able to get done in 3 or 4 hours.

  • If all your games last like 3 hours then you arent playing seriously enough…lol…u need to pick it up a notch and take like 30 minutes to buy units, 30 minutes to make combat moves and 30 minutes to make non combat…then ull be a pro like me…lol

  • I dont see how taking longer to make your decisions makes you play like a pro.  The first round of play is usually extremely fast because it’s usually almost the same for Russia and Germany.  Also, if you calculate every little thing then the game becomes more math rather than tactics and strategy.  Plus our games are somewhat timed, we’re all kinda jerks so that when someone takes too much time we warn them to hurry up, and if they still hesitate we skip their turn. :evil:

  • One full turn (so R, G, UK, J, USA all played once) is usually about one hour of gameplay…

    what I noticed so far?
    When a newbie is introduced in gameplay, it’s about 3 or 4 hours to ending the game.
    I learned a lot of newbies play this game, and all of these games had approximately the same duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • So your calling me a newb?  Our group has played at least 20 games of axis and allies.  Maybe some people actually play faster than others.  Just a thought.

  • We don’t play 8 cities anymore because whenever we played 8 cities Axis would just go all out first turn so by the end of the turn the would hold Korelia and India and would win.  It was always way to simple.  Were we doing something wrong?

  • @yamamato456:

    So your calling me a newb? Our group has played at least 20 games of axis and allies. Maybe some people actually play faster than others. Just a thought.

    Nope, I’m not calling you a newb :lol:

    What I was trying to say:
    I think people at first have to think a lot about strategy…
    But, when a pro plays a newbie… the newbie still has to build up his own strategy, while the pro has not…
    When they get along with strategy, they are playing better with less energy (and you’re in this stadium, yamamato :-P)

    newbie versus newbie: hard to say how long it will take - it depends on how quick one builds up a strategy that works…
    newbie versus pro: The newbie thinks about a strategy - while the pro can do his thing 🙂 so, maybe 3 or 4 hours… (like in the games I’m playing a newbie - and I was referring to THESE games, yamamato)
    pro versus pro: both of them are oiled machines and can easily adjust strategies and calculations and make their moves…

    and, YES yamamato, especially this latter depends on how quick someone wants/can play 🙂

  • @Axel:

    I learned a lot of newbies play this game, and all of these games had approximately the same duration: 3 to 4 hours

    When I re-read the sentence I posted, I noticed I translated it badly…
    (sorry, my mother tongue isn’t English)
    I didn’t want to modify that post, while I got some reactions on it.

    The corrected translation is:
    I tutored a lot of newbies play this game, and all of these games had approximately the same duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • O dear I see.  Yay I know what you mean, I guess I was kinda different as a newb.  When I first played, I was against a somewhat experienced player.  So my first game (as allies) I would do my turn very quickly so I could see how he would do one side.  Then on the second game (as axis) I’d do kinda what he did to me, to see how he reacted.  In that way of action and reaction I learned to play my turns quick and kept it that way.  And I hate to just sit around.

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