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    In normal games with USA presence: Anzac should be the most aggressive nation in the whole game.

    Buy subs, (one destroyer and 1 bomber) transports and men to put on the transports. No IC in queensland for the first 10 rounds

    Also have anough Anzac fighters for a max scramble, typicaaly queensland or carolines

    Easy as that

  • If ANZAC can afford to pull this off, then this shows that Japan is not putting pressure on ANZAC like it should be. The issue with ANZAC is that it is forced to play a defensive role for someone. ANZAC can make some offensive moves in early game if Japan doesn’t J1 on US. It’s navy supports the US fleet, it’s air power is supporting UK or USSR, and it’s land forces are defending the homeland. If ANZAC is able to afford bombers and carriers, either the Allies are in a major win swing or Japan ain’t doing its job.

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