Toledo, OH area: Looking for players

  • Looking to find some people in area to get some games played, (Any/All versions welcomed)

  • 2019

    @bradywh I’m up to your NW, but not really looking for in person gaming at this point, you up for some TripleA games?

  • I’ve played a little TripleA against the AI mostly to familiarize myself to the newer version (at least newer to me). I prefer in-person games myself too but have a hard time finding others to play. It’s too east to miss shit or overlook on a computer game but willing to give it a try sometime.

  • 2019

    @bradywh My age and health pretty much preclude my wanting to get together with others in person, but I would like to still be able to play. For me, the best future is a gaming world that includes in person/virtual players at any get together, so in person is just as common as over the internet.

    I have classic experience, and am currently playing my first PBEM game, on a map like AE.

    Do you have either of those games/experience, or just the new fangled versions? 🙂

  • I have had some of my own medical issued so I can relate to that concern.

    I used to play Classic a lot. I’ve played Revised Ed a number of times, the old Europe and Pacific a few time too. I’ve played some of the old PC CD-ROM versions. I just got the newer Europe and Pacific 2nd Editions and plan on getting Anniversary soon.

    I’m not sure my ADHD/Chemo brain could do the PBF or Email type of game. I’m really looking for some people to get together and play (even if its just a 1-on-1 game). I also am willing to come to others if it makes getting a game together easier.

  • @bradywh Hey I live in the Youngstown area and i have a table built for Axis and Allies revised. Me and my friend play on it if you are ever interested to join us sometime

  • @Whitehenry7
    Thank you for the invite. I will definitely keep that in mind although a bit of a long drive from the Toledo area.

  • 2019 2018

    @Whitehenry7 Hey I live just south of you…we should hook up and play…sent you a message with my email…

  • @bradywh Are you still looking for players? I live in Virginia, can travel with a little planning. Are you keen on playing Triple A? Best way to reach me is by email at

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