Ideas to counter an allies mortar and FO team

  • HI~

    I would like ideas as to countering a 3 mortar team with a FO or 2.  I usually use 3 mortars, a couple chinese fotter to sacrafice.  a red devil captain, a commisar and a couple BAR gunners  to help as support.  Along with a bofors or 2.  I tell ya what.  rolling 8 dice for a mortar team and not counting the -1 is devistating to troops.  even more so with that red devil captain.

    what i would like to know is what you would do to defeat this?  i need to keep my mind open as to what i can or might expect the other person to do.  thanks

  • That sounds like a TON of points tied up there; 3 Mortars + 2 RA FA + 3 KMT Rifle + 1 RDC + 1 Commissar +2 BAR = 85 Points

    If that’s just for a standard game, then how exactly do you deal with tanks, and especially heavy tanks. Tiger, King Tigers, Pershings, Churchill Crocodiles, and IS-2s are all popular and would all give your army there a headache. Even with +1 to hit and a rear attack the Bofors have less than a 10% chance of disrupting. Not to mention how poor the mobility is on your force.  A Brummbar could ruin your day as well.

    Standard Tournament armies include the Sherman Rush (with either Rhinos or M4A1s), (King) Tiger, Parabomb, and the Crocigator. While your army might be able to deal with a parabomb if you play carefuly, I don’t see the army being great against any of the others.

    You definately need to add in some decent anti-tank capability, and perhaps reduce the number of Mortars/FOs.  Some Jeeps/Universal Carriers would be nice for mobility, as would a Sherman/variant.  In a larger game it’s a nice core to your army, but definately needs armour support.

  • fair enough.  i should of mentioned that we usually play 200-300 point games.  as for a 100 point game i would never bring out that set up.  way to crappy.

  • Well that makes a huge difference  😉

    Even so roughly 1/2 or 1/3 of your army is tied up in a fairly static base.  An Inspiring Lt could help you some, as could some aircraft to take advantage of the spotters.

    It all depends on what you’re playing against then.  Your opponent shouldn’t know what you’re playing, so may not be prepared for that artillery attack, but even still that’s 85 points worth of units all tied up on just three mortars.  If I were playing against it (as a standard 200 pt army and not one designed to beat it) I’d probably have some heavy tanks and 2x AI units; either Brummbars or Sherman 105s.  It all depends on what the rest of your army is and how well they can function.

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