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Rank the weapons developments from best to worst.

  • 2019

    Ok, so Classic/2nd edition, give me your thoughts on which WD is the most powerful, and why.

    If you would rather get a little bit more into this subject, list all the WD.

    And for the totally motivated, rank them in order/by nation!

    Because I recently saw a video on YouTube, where the guy made a shockingly surprising comment about the WD I think is the strongest of them all, as being very weak, I’m interested in seeing how many other folks share his opinion.

    I’m also interested in how folks would rank, say, Rockets. Rockets for the USA/Japan is quite weak initially, while for the other powers it is useful right off the bat, and as it deals it’s damage without AA having a chance to stop it, it is a nice little thing to be able to reduce an enemies income, for free, every turn.

    But tell me folks, what are your thoughts?

  • 2019

    Here is an image, to help folks to make their lists.

    So, for Russia, which tech would you rate as best? And which worst?

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 Customizer

    5 best 3 worst.

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