TripleA, Classic, playtest balancing Germany vs allied Navies.

  • 2019

    Hello everyone, I’m brand spanking new and looking to find a way to balance this great game so that folks want to play it again. I’ll offer to play the axis every game, until I win as much as I loose, using whatever house rules are needed to make the game a fun challenge for both sides! I have many ideas, and if you would love to help me playtest these ideas, to find something that will balance the game, let me know and we can get this party started!

    Anyone interested in playing Allied nations vs my Axis?

  • @CrazyIvan lets play some games I will take on your Axis and I will give you Jets for Germany and Super Subs for Japan no tech 2 hit BBS RR and a bid of 6 !!! Anzio map. Lets Battle Im Death_FromAbove on Triple A and you can email me at

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