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    @Panther Looking to get clarification on the AA fly over rules for revised (I assume these apply to other A&A maps as well). Can a player move 1 or more air units over AA during combat phase, have AA rolls occur, then depending on if AA hit or not, decide to fly additional air units over AA before doing the actual combat? Or do they need to move all air units then roll for them?

    Here is what I see in the rule book:
    "The air unit’s controller plots its path using the numbered punchout markers to indicate each space in which combat may occur (the first space is 1, the second 2, and so on). Whenever an air unit encounters enemy antiaircraft guns, resolve combat separately in each space along its path, starting with the first.

    Every time an antiaircraft gun in a territory is overflown by air units, it shoots once at each air unit that enters. (Only one antiaircraft gun per territory can fire, however.) If the gun misses, the air unit may continue its move.

    Resolve all combats involving a given air unit or group of air units before moving onto the next."

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    @redrum I am very short on time as I am leaving until Sunday so please allow me to simply point you to this thread, where all of this has been discussed and clarified in depth:
    We have a Github issue for this here:

    Thank you for your understanding.

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