• If you look to one of many big differences between A&A and A&AR…
    every country has gotten an injection of IPC’s…

    would you like the idea of getting EXTRA IPC’s every turn?
    and I really mean extra here: if R has territories valuing 24 IPC’s this means 24+6=30 IPC’s at the end of his turn
    so, to make things still balanced:
    10 IPC’s for both Axis makes 20 IPC’s
    6 IPC’s for every Ally makes 18 IPC’s…

    of course this is subject to other injections as well.
    why did I choose 20 IPC’s for Axis and only 18 for Allies?
    In this case, the bid for Axis is no longer necessary, I think! 🙂

    why do I even suggest this knocked up and crazy idea?
    while FLEET battles will be more often displayed and I guess even a huge AF will be a hell more tempting…
    don’t you think?

    Let me know what you think of this friggin’ idea!!!

    oh, by the way, I know:
    people will buy more inf, art and arms as well! but battles will get closer to statistics when you have more units!
    if you have 3 inf defending against 2 arms or you have 6 inf against 4 arms…
    statistically the same, but in practice??
    which would be more fun do you think?

  • @@a I think for the people who are new, they would love this…
    but since most of my friends’ve played this game for a while, I dont think they would like it.

    and…that means more pieces and a bigger gameboard are needed>"<

  • I’m thinking about making a larger map like some other people did before…

    and about the parts?
    We never had a really close look, but I guess we could use the units of the old game as well.
    (especially the chips would be important)

  • couldn’t you just get some Hoyle poker chips.  I know there a bit bigger than the ones in the game but, if your board is bigger what diffrence does it make?

  • A couple of folks on here have websites on their profiles where you can purchase accessories and variants of A&A.  One of the folks has chips, the right size, and lots of collors…

    Not sure if it is Imperious Leader, Runeblade, or one of the other folks.

    search for “extra chips” and you should be able to find it.

  • The extra money reduces the importance of value-territories.  For example, a capturing territories in the Eastern Europe area would not be as signigicant if an extra 10 IPC’s were introducted.

    Capturing territories in Eastern Russia (valued at 1 IPC each) become almost not worth the effort to take since they do not impact Russia.

    Building restrictions also make it difficult for countries like England to hand the flow of extra income as well.

    I put it akin to playing Monopoly where landing on free parking gets you an extra $500.  That extra money allows players to survive far longer than they should.

    Go ahead and experiment, but I think you will find that many places (such as Africa) become irrelevant with the extra income.

    As before, I don’t think a bid is necessary.

  • I didn’t play with a bid so far…

    And I see you point, octopus…
    about the UK and his building restrictions? this makes that he would build more AF…
    and that is what I intent in the first place…
    maybe someone will build IC’s more oftenly?
    I don’t know what the impact will be…
    I’ll try some day and we’ll see…

  • i haven’t seen the dire need for a bid either, if we see a significant swing in the win/loss column (will happen when my group gains experience perhaps) we will be using NA’s for the balancing (this is what i feel they were intended for) so if the allies are whacking the axis all the time give ger/jap each one and set it back up.  if the axis are rolling over the uneasy alliance then give them an NA and throw down again.  everyone who is using bids (non-tourney) should try this.  instead of an extra grunt for the nazis how about fort euro or atlantic wall? this upgrades all of your affected pieces (is that too powerful?)

  • I’m looking forward to getting this IPC shot in my veins…


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