What are your comfortable game lengths?

  • Most of us have been playing this game for quite a while. I was curious to know with all the house rules we seem to come up with that game length keeps increasing. Hit dice definitely speeds up the game but what are your comfortable game lengths that you can Finnish in a play session? Is it a day? Or weekend? Or are some of you so serious that you play a game over the course of weeks?

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    so i’ve been playing with the same person for over 3 years, and over the last year we added 1 player, and our games take months, playing a few hours on saturday nights. If i’m the allies the games go faster because i play fairly quickly. My opponents try to calculate so many possibilities it bogs the game down, but we enjoy each others company, so we just keep going!

  • With 2-3 experienced players, and novice players to fill out 5, we generally end the game 10-14 hours after the start. This Saturday we had 4 experienced players, and the game lasted 7 hours.

  • @Aaron_the_Warmonger that’s awesome you have friends that are willing to play that long. I miss those days

  • Most games last 8 to 10 hours. We are usually done by turn 7 or 8 since you can tell who is going to win or not. Rarely does someone actually get all the victory cities. Oh and its just me and a friend but I’m trying to get some other people in on the action.

  • What are some ways that have worked for everyone to speed up games? Sometimes it takes 1.5 Hours per turn and it kills me since I play fast…

  • @yanksaldaway Some people use a chess timer with a time limit (like 20 minutes per turn or something) to keep the game moving along.

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    I consider myself unlucky, as I have no tabletop friends to play with on a regular basis. We all got older, and families do take time, and so my gaming group rarely ever gets the chance to sit down at the same table! For instance, in 2017, I actually got to play A&A classic/2nd edition maybe a dozen times, none of which involved 5 people. I got to play Fortress America a half dozen times, but only once with a full 4 players. Because of that, I cannot in good faith claim any playing times as being comfortable currently.

    That being said, a game that takes 2-3 hours was fine for my group in 2017, but we seem to get at least one fellow that is soured on any gaming longer than that.

    My positive outlook comes from the hope of getting together over the internet with fellow gamers, and thus being able to indulge a mutual interest in some boardgaming.

    What are some average game lengths for internet/skype/Vassal/TripleA for those of you that are actually playing other than in person?

  • @yanksaldaway i just try to convince everyone to plan ahead. I have a massive chalkboard in my basement, and the day after we play i right down my next turn buys with all my teams, project combat and income, and plan the following turns purchases. It doesn’t always come to fruition, but it usually gives me the bones i need to keep moving quickly!

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    We have game week. No kids or wives allowed. Always at my single buddy’s house. Starts on Wednesday or Thursday ends Sunday. We can usually play 2. First day starts around 1400. Second day grinds from 0900 to about 0200 each day depending on alcohol consumption.

  • @seancb LoL just give me the state , date, place and time. That sounds amazing.

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