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Tabletop Simulator G40! (Greetings from the Philippines!)

  • Greeting from the Philippines! (Me and my local tabletop organization started a small group of Axis and Allies players.) I just wanted to share the modifications I’ve made in Tabletop Simulator to play Global 1940 with as many quality of life features that I could stuff into it. The dream is to get a physical copy of the game once I figure out how to import both 1940 2nd ed. copies. If people are interested i can send the save files over Steam or even start a game if time permits.! If you guys can give any recommendations to better the simulation or on how to get a physical copy of G40 I’m open to try them out 😄

    Overall V5
    2019-04-20 (2).png

    V6 close up pics

    20190420211639_1.jpg 20190420211633_1.jpg 20190420211616_1.jpg 20190420211604_1.jpg 20190420211722_1.jpg 20190420211656_1.jpg 20190420211647_1.jpg

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