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1941 Deluxe Edition - Discussion Thread



    Any questions or comments about Grasshopper’s 1941 Deluxe Edition?

    …you can post them here.

  • 2018

    Thanks for setting this up - I have a few questions coming up later today

  • @Young-Grasshopper How did that last game go?

  • @DessertFox599

    It went really well, Pink Panzer seems to like it a lot even though it needs work. I quickly noticed that I was doing everything I could as Russia to hold my cities and I made an aggressive move and lost Stalingrad… However, after rewatching the live stream, I noticed that Pick Panzer was doing rail movement during combat movement when it’s only suppose to be during non-combat movement, so he was getting units in battles when they couldn’t reach. Also… during the battle for Stalingrad, he should have rolled black for his infantry instead of green with support bonus because they are not supported by damaged tanks, so he kept rolling greens and neither of us noticed that the support bonus was void. So because of those few things played incorrectly, it was hard to get any gage on eastern front balance, but we definitely saw some stuff that needed changing right away. For Example: during mid game we dropped the strategic bombers from 5 red each to 5 blue each when conducting strategic bombing raids, they were bombing for too much so we just started using the modified values right away. I Gotta say that I’m really excited about the potential of this variant… both Pink Panzer and Gerry the Jerry said they would play it again and that is saying a lot coming from those guys.

  • Id play it again too it was fun.

  • 2017 2016


    Hi YG,
    did you see this documentary about U-boat warfare, and more specifically the first Escort Carrier launched by UK around fall of 1941 (HMS Audacity)? They played a major role in the Battle of Atlantic and the Pacific.
    (From 44:00 minutes to the 49:00 minutes)

    I heard you decided to not use Escort Carrier units in 1941 Deluxe Edition, but as a proof of concept IMO, you have an interesting opportunity to try a few things before ditching off this nice unit.

    Considering the new game mechanic such as sea reconnaissance and the tactical phase, I’m pretty sure you can built up something which can be up to the true historical escorting role of these carriers against Subs.
    Instead of placing them right into the setup, you can try to allow playtesters to purchase them around 8, 9 or even 10 IPCs.

    It can be as simple as giving a single black dice roll for sea recon, the same as Destroyer.

    Also, with building capacity points, you may reflect how it was easier to built 1 hit Escort Carriers than 2 hits Fleet Carriers (building capacity: 3) requiring only 1 building capacity which can be outweigh by cost, like 9 or 10 IPCs.

    Or be more accurate by giving Escort Carriers no depth charges attack nor nullifying surprise strike capacity (in tactical phase) but, when loaded with an aircraft, allowing to roll sea recon for spotting Subs in every adjacent SZs, not just the SZ it is in.

  • 2018

    @baron-Münchhausen What are your thoughts on the difference between escort carriers and light carriers? I read that escorts are slower and were used primarily to protect convoys and support amphibious landings, but that light escort carriers were faster and could participate in fleet carrier activities. I haven’t come across any players on the forum who make that distinction with house rules in their game play. This really isn’t a 41 Deluxe question per se, so I apologize for sneaking in a question unrelated to the thread’s primary topic.

  • 2017 2016

    My issue would be a question of recognition off the board.
    Per se, the sculpt is an HBG Casablanca-class Escort Carrier (slower type). Adding another type of Carrier would be a much complex matter of purchasing an accurate sculpt.

    Also, there was mainly, as far as I can remember, a dozen of US Light Carriers build on Cruiser hulls. They were meant to be part of Fast Carriers Task Force in Pacific. I read somewhere they were used to provide air cover for the whole fleet while the bigger fleet carriers used most of their complement for specific mission.

    In my own variants, my Escort Carrier sculpt receive a mixed abilities from both slow and fast smaller carriers. However, in 1941 Deluxe Edition, Escort Carrier needs to find an appropriate “niche” of abilities and game mechanics to be useful and to add flavor into the actual more intriguing subwarfare. Otherwise, it would remain discarded from the roster, IMO.

    Fast Light Carrier unit into this game seems to be redundant compared to OOB Carriers.

  • 2018

    @baron-Münchhausen Thanks for responding. I get what you are saying about it’s usefulness in 41 Deluxe.

  • 2018

    @YG I read through your “1941 Under Construction” page - it’s impressive the time and effort put into it.
    First question is about recruiting volunteers and is for clarification. In the section on Victory Cities it states that volunteers can be recruited for free in the Strategic Missions phase of turn order. Currently is shows 3 volunteers for all Capitals, Major and Minor cities. Later, in the section describing the Strategic Missions Phase, recruiting volunteers is #9 in the chronological order. Is this where you actually place on the board the 3 volunteers? #9 in the SMPhase only describes placing 2 free infantry for capitals (or 1 for major cities) that are aligned with the power controlling the capital. I’m assuming this means someone like Germany gets 2 free infantry in Paris if they own it. But Germany also gets 3 free infantry in their other cities and in their capital that they control? Is this accurate? Thanks.

  • @Guam-Solo

    Hey buddy, thanks for the observation, looks like I may need to get those explanations on volunteers to match. I did make a change to cities so it’s possible I didn’t make the changes everywhere… I’ll clean that up. To answer your questions, cities are divided into 3 types (capitals, majors, and minors)so a capital provides 3 infantry during the strategic missions phase, a major provides 2, and a minor gets 1. It is important that the events in the strategic missions phase happen in the sequence dictated for different reasons. There are rules in development for partisan raids that require it to happen first before recruiting. Thanks for the questions and comments.


    also, Germany would get 3 Infantry in Paris because it is a capital city.

  • 2018

    @Young-Grasshopper Thanks for clarifying. The wording in the Strategic Missions sections implies that foreign powers controlling a capital get only 2 free infantry. But what you lay out in the beginning Victory Cities section is accurate: all capitals/major/minor cities get 3/2/1 free infantry recruited to the power in control of them.

  • 2018

    @YG Reading your unit profiles: Battleships and Cruisers only get to roll 2 dice in attack and defense if there are both ships and aircraft present in the battle? Otherwise they roll only 1? If there are 2 dice rolled and 2 hits are scored then both hits can’t be applied to ships (or both to air units)? 2 hits must be split between navy and air?

  • @Guam-Solo

    Correct, what is necessary is that the owner of each battleship and cruiser must declare which roll is at aircraft before rolling, and which roll is at sea units before rolling.



  • @Guam-Solo

    I fixed this, so hopefully it’s right now… thanks.

  • 2018

    @Young-Grasshopper This is really cool. Thanks.

  • 2018

    Where do you get the unit profile artwork? If I wanted to to create my own battle board, for example, how would I acquire the art work that you used to make your unit profiles poster?

  • @Guam-Solo

    I use adobe illustrator software, do you have any experience using it?

  • 2018

    @Young-Grasshopper I have some experience with adobe but mainly with older versions of it. But I do have guys on staff who are good at it. I don’t have it on my Mac so perhaps I should get that first and then go from there.

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