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Peace time economy

  • We are having some confusion with counting up USA’s peacetime income. The guy playing America insists any peacetime bonuses he gets are “locked in” as his base income for the next turn. I say bonuses are thrown out after every turn and his base resets to 6. Until july 1939 in which his base will go up with the result of the dice roll. Thus, july 1939 6 plus d12. January 1940 base would be 6 plus the previous turns dice result plus another dice result, This goes on until he gets to 63. Which way is correct?

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    US income has a base of 6 income starting in 36’. Only thing that could change that income is the peace time income bonuses.

    Lets pretend Japan declares war on China that would then make US income 11 every turn unless other peacetime bonuses are triggered.

    Then in Jan 39’ US gets to start rolling a D12 and rolls a 8. Making the US income 19.

    No other peacetime triggers occur so then July 39’ comes along with a now base income of 19 he gets to roll a D12 again but this time rolls a 5. Making his income 24 now.

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    It is cumulative, intended to get him up to the value of territories.

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