Quick question regarding Air and Naval combat in G40.

  • I don’t know where I saw this, but my friends and I have been playing G40 for around a two months now. We were under the impression that Air and Naval units can only participate in one round of combat then are done.

    Can anyone clarify if this is true or not and elaborate why it is or isn’t?

    Thanks in advance!

    — Cherno

  • @chernobylime This is incorrect. Air and Naval units are full participants in combat just like land units, with a couple exceptions.

    1. Naval Bombardment: Sea Units eligible for bombardment only fire once

    2. Strategic Bombing: Intercepting and Escorting fighters only fight for one round of combat.

    Did I miss anything Panther?

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    @chernobylime Welcome to the forum!

    @M36 When searching for “firing only once” examples bombing facilities additionally comes to my mind.

  • @M36 Thank you! I figured this was the case. This will be much better when playing. Thanks for the help and quick reply!

  • @M36 I do have a few more questions. This was brought up in our game last night. If say a German fighter went into a Russian territory where they have three infantry, would the fighter be able to continue attacking as many times as it likes until the infantry are dead? Meaning that so long as there are no AAA’s or Russian fighters, it’s basically a free win for the German player?

    Also, do AAA’s only participate in once prior to conducting the first round of combat, or do they fire at the beginning of each round?

  • @chernobylime Aircraft are subject to defensive fire Just like ground units, so in your scenario the attacking aircraft fires, and then the defending infantry fire, regardless of there being any AAA present. The only unit that cannot fire back at aircraft is the submarine. As for Anti Aircraft Artillery, they only fire once before the conventional combat begins. AAA may fire one shot per attacking aircraft, up to a maximum of three shots.

    So in the scenario you provide if the Germans attack the Russian territory with say 3 Planes and the Soviets have 3 Infanty and 1 AAA then the AAA will fire its three shots, the attacker removes any planes that are hit, and then the battle begins. AAA may be taken as casualties but do not fire again.

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