Looking for feedback on house rule ideas for HBG Marines expansion w/ AAG40

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    I have The Few The Proud The Marines expansion from HBG, and the rulebook includes a section to adapt it for use with AAG40. You can see the rulebook at this link:

    http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/assets/images/HBG/3D Expansion Sets/The FewThe ProudMaines/Few-Proud-Marines v1.1.pdf

    This expansion is designed for the GW1936 game, and in GW1936 all amphibious assaults have a special first round where only boots (no tanks, artillery, or mech infantry) can disembark from transports, and the disembarking infantry take double casualties that round. Only disembarking US Marine and US Marine Elite units, or units disembarking from LSM boats, avoid the double casualty rule. The subsequent rounds in the amphibious assault proceed as normal. The Marines expansion set’s adaptation rules for AAG40 incorporate this special first round mechanic.

    I want to avoid using this special first round amphibious assault rule in my AAG40 game but still find a way to make the US Marine units and LSM units a worthwhile purchase. The reason I don’t want to use this rule is because it NERFs every player’s amphibious assaults, and only the US can buy units to get around the NERF. I’d rather just give an enhanced ability to the units in the expansion set rather than make amphibious assaults more difficult for every player.

    US Marines cost 4 IPC and aside from the double casualty exemption are just like regular infantry. LSM boats cost 5 IPC and carry 1 unit. So how do I make US Marine units and LSM units a worthwhile purchase absent the double casualty/only boots disembark on first round rule?

    I came up with two ideas:

    My first idea is to give US Marine units an attack of 2 on the first round of an amphibious assault. This somewhat steps on the toes of the US Marine Elite units who also have an attack of 2 but the Elite units get that attack level all the time, not only for amphibious assaults. And this this doesn’t help make LSMs worth buying.

    My second idea is to give the US Marine units and LSMs a “combined arms” rule where the Marine will get an attack of 2 in the first round of an amphibious assault only if disembarking from an LSM, not from a transport. This makes the LSM a worthwhile purchase and keeps some value for the US Marine unit as well.

    What do you (yes, you) think of these ideas? Which one is better? Are there any other ideas I’m not thinking of? What would you do differently?

    This is my first time trying to come up with a new rule and I feel like the community here has a lot of experience and success dealing with issues like this, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    I looked at these values and HBG values. I use the d12 dice system so I broke down your numbers to G40 d6 and posted the pieces I have in my SS 41 Global game. All countries in my game have Elites. But the US Elites are only the marines. I will over time weed out and countries Elites if need be based on history and also removing the Paratrooper from some countries that didn’t really have them. But anyway here’s the list. Maybe this will help you.

    G40 D6
    Inf A1 D2 M1 C3
    Para A1-2 D2 M1 C3 A@2 on first round landing only.
    Elite A2 D1 M1 C3

    US Marine A2 D3 M1 C4 can only build 2 a turn or whatever the cap is with HBG expansion set.

    In my game for all countries with the Para and Elite can only build 2 or 1 of each. Control factor here.

    US can build only 2 Para or 2 Marines or 1 of each. If US gets there NA of Marines they can build 3 a turn.

    Also in my game US Marines cannot move inland. Can only attack coastal territories or islands.
    Can defend in all coastal territories, Islands and can attack a coastal territory next to another coastal territory or get
    picked up and land in another coastal territory.
    Now you could still have where only Inf attack First round on landing and only have to take only 1 casualty of choice and not 2. You would need to buy more Elites for attack factor and make sure you always have plenty of planes. But this may not be your choice in G40 game.

    Anyway just ideas for you. Works great in my game but I haven’t tried the Inf only attack FSTR only on landings.

  • Thank you, that is helpful information. I like these ideas. I’m going to start a new game soon and try some of these out.

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    @655321 said in Looking for feedback on house rule ideas for HBG Marines expansion w/ AAG40:

    Thank you, that is helpful information. I like these ideas. I’m going to start a new game soon and try some of these out.

    Ya no problem. You have any ideas or questions on any thing I’m sure I or barney can help you out in some way.

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