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Axis n allies global 2nd edition disscussion

  • So once the main strats came out such as Calcutta Crush and Sealion. Along with Barbarossa. Do the high level players start to migrate to the other game global 1936-1945 because the 1940 global turns into the same game over and over ? Or is it because it is bloated to reflect the actual events so that players feel they have more options to make so the game doesn’t get stale quickly? I was curious because it seemed that after the grasshopper invitational and sirebloods bloodbath tourney. It seemed that a lot of the attention went to the new global 1936. I love the game but to me there is a fine line between finishing a game in a day and having to have a free weekend to Finnish the war.

  • @Sgt-Mclusky Unlike previous renditions of A+A I find that AA40 has so many options and paths to victory that were still playing it and seeing new strategies in my group. Granted I was late to the party with this version so I don’t have years of experience, but we do play an awful lot, and almost never see the same game twice.

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