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Summer Battle of Britain - 16 June 2019 - See Battle Report

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    I will put up a battle report for our spring event last weekend shortly, I hope, but in the meantime here is notification of the next one. We had a record attendance and 3 games on the go, so hopefully we can surpass that next time!

    So if you want to join us in Derbyshire on 16 June just reply to this thread or PM Private Panic.

    (PS The date of the autumn event will be 20 October)Kitchener Poster.jpg

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    Current numbers:

    8 definites
    2 hopefuls
    1 possible

    Which leaves room for a couple of additional players if anyone wants to join us. Get in touch! ☺

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    Nine players played 2 games and as usual the war room was filled with screams, cheers and laughter. As always, my thanks to everyone for braving traffic and road works in order to join us, and to Dave, who very kindly allows us to use his house. 👍

    We agreed an allied bid of 15 and then drew Powers at random, which gave us:

    Axis – Leo / wittmann – Japan and Adam / Private Panic – Germany
    Allies – Mark / Credulous - UK and Dave - Russia & US

    The Allies placed their bid as 2 UK subs in the Indian Ocean and a R infantry. You can tell what is coming!
    R1 saw a more adventurous start than usual, with a strafe of Ukraine as well as everything else stacking West Russia. Adam hid his delight, expecting G to get odds on West Russia. However, both attacks succeeded brilliantly for the loss of only 1 infantry.

    Which left G unable to respond. G1 therefore focused on reducing the allied naval presence in the Med and Atlantic. Leo then announced with all his A&A experience that the Axis had lost this game! The UK sprang its attack on the J fleet off the East Indies. Disaster! Remaining UK units retreated to India, where an AC was placed to allow the retention of both fighters. Japan responded by attacking this UK fleet which it sunk, albeit with heavy J losses. J also left its 2 TTs where they could be sunk by enemy air, so in the following J turn had no TTs and only 2 of its starting 6 fighters remaining. A replacement TT was also lost to an air attack in round 2! 😱

    Meanwhile the US built all navy in the Pacific. This begun a US / J naval dance as fleets advanced to present a threat and retreated when themselves threatened. About half-way through the game the US did take East Indies, which J could not recover. J’s loss of TTs, focus on naval builds and lack of an Asian factory meant that very few units remained in Asia following the capture of China and R’s far eastern territories.

    Which left G to combat R and the UK pretty much on its own. G maintained an offensive strategy against R despite a lack of units on its eastern front. Every unit that could go east did so. No attempt was made to hold France despite Leo’s urging that G should do so, the focus instead being to always retake it. On the other hand, Leo did persuade Adam to commit units to North Africa, which resulted in the capture of Egypt and the Middle East, this keeping the UK’s Indian builds from venturing into mainland Asia, where they would have significantly outnumbered J.

    Leningrad was captured and held pretty early in the game. Bombing raids on Moscow during the early stages were also critical in minimising the R unit advantage. With J struggling against the US and the UK growing its ability to project a threat across the Channel, G risked stacking West Russia in the face of superior R unit numbers. As hoped, R withdrew to Moscow, allowing G to then risk taking and holding Caucasus.

    R’s income was now down to 8 and G was able place 6 units in Karelia and Caucasus each turn. At last G began to have the units to match R’s. The fall of Moscow seemed imminent. 😁

    With the day coming to an end and the allies on the back foot, the US decided that an air only attack on J’s surface warships was its best chance of turning the game around, as this avoided J’s 17 subs and the US had a lot more fighters then J. This attack proved disastrous, particularly as remaining fighter moves did not allow the US fleet to reach safety. The attack was therefore pressed home until the last US fighter was shot down. Japan now had mastery of the Pacific!

    So as to finish the game with some excitement, it was agreed the G would attack Moscow, even though it had no need to do so just yet. If G won then the game would be an Axis victory. If R won, the game would be a draw. Attacking and defensive power were equal, but G had three more units and so a slight advantage. Right from the off, R’s peasants out fought the Wehrmacht, whose troops ran away and cowered in a corner somewhere. Stalin made a victory speech despite only achieving a draw and Hitler killed himself. Churchill lost the election. Hirohito made a lot of noise, but then he had done that throughout the whole game! 😢


    Mike / Aftertaste has kindly offered to add his battle report to this thread.

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    @Private-Panic Is it possible you have slighted me, your best friend and leader in
    All things? The rudeness!
    Great game ,and as I predicted, an Axis victory, despite PP’s erratic play and blindness in not noticing I (a visually impaired player ) would lose my defenceless TTs to a Chinese Ft amd a British Bomber, starting in far away E Africa.

  • 2019 2018 2017 2016

    @Wittmann It was a draw witt! Rescued by my marvellous G play of course 🤗

  • 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 '13 Moderator

    @Private-Panic Hm! You tell yourself that, Adolf.

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