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    There is 1 more game that is missing from this list… I invented it and never published it… It took 9 years of tweaking and play testing to get it right… It is the ultimate A&A style game so far ever made… It is called WWII - The complete game. The board is 68" X 120" - starts at Sept 1 - 1939, is for 3-8 players, has over 1200 playing pieces on the board at the start, has 18 different types of pieces, a 3-tiered expanded technology chart, spies and diplomacy, and much, much more… I have taken this game to Aggie-con years ago, and had 50+ players playing 24 hours a day for the entire con on it… A picture of me and the board is provided. I am now giving copies of the CorelDraw map, a jpg version of the map, and the complete rulebook and charts for free to anyone who emails me at cefjr1961@gmail.com.

    The files you need to make and play the game are at the top!!!

  • '19

    “Holy Mother of all games Batman”!!!

    My poor little “Classic Colossal” version, that has never made it out of my head, is only 36" X 60", or 3’X5’. Yours is 5.5’ X 10’… I wouldn’t even have a place to set that monster up, let along play it. And 1,200 pieces at the start? How long is the setup for that bad-boy?

  • TripleA

    @Charles-Fontaine Impressive. That is an awesome board. Most of what you have here could be created as a digital game using TripleA. Also in case you are interested there are some TripleA WWII maps that rival yours including Total World War which you might be interested in checking out: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/1181/total-world-war-december-1941-3-0-0-4

  • @CrazyIvan It depends on how many players you have… 3 people who are familiar with the game could set it up in 1 hour… If you have all 8 players, then like 20 minutes… The average game takes like 4-6 hours to play, depending on the level of knowledge of the game for all the players…

  • @redrum I will check it out… but I never thought about making this into a computer game… While the 75 page rule book is simple to follow along, all the different nuances in the board would make it more difficult than I have time for since I am now disabled. That is why I finally decided to give it away for free… This is the last of the 29 games I invented over a 35 year career…

  • @Charles-Fontaine said in WWII - The Complete Game:

    starts at Sept 1 - 1939, is for 3-8 players

    I assume the answer is in the files you have available, but for the sake of utility, could you briefly lay out how the 3 sides can be broken down, and how they interact? I assume if it’s a minimum of 3 players, that there are 3 “factions” in the game’s setup.

  • @The-Janus The answer to your question is “YES”. It is in the rulebook how the situation breaks down for 3-8 players… but basically, Russia is a neutral power in 1939. In this game, it can join either the Axis or the Allies… It also has the option to remain neutral, and has a separate victory condition for that situation…

  • '19

    That board looks incredible, but unfortunately for me, the only place It could fit in my home, is where my couch/shelf is, and that is only 10’ X 4’, and wouldn’t grant access to all four sides of the board, but rather just one side, and partial access to one end, as that space would be my front door entry!

    I have to hand it to you for coming up with such a magnificent custom game!

    Got other things on my plate at the moment, but I will be revisiting this thread and your awesome game.

  • @CrazyIvan TYVM for your input…

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