IJN and USN sea battle at Tokyo

  • Here’s the scenario, US has moved its fleet to adjacent SZ to Tokyo and SZ 6. It could not attack because it exhausted its move. But apparently will attack on its next turn. On Japan’s turn, with a smaller fleet, it attacks US fleet. Both sustain damage to their carriers and BB’s. Here’s the question, if Japan breaks off the attack can their capital ships be repaired before the US turn? Which follows Japan. One player says since they are in port at a navy base they are repaired and obviously the US is not repaired (no navy base). I say they are repaired on Japan’s next turn and not immediately at the end of their turn. Thx for the help.


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    @Smack You are correct. In this edition repairs are done during the “Purchase and Repair Units Phase”, which is over for the current Japanese turn.

  • @Panther
    Thx Panther

  • Imagine it conceptually as the repair having to occur on the turn AFTER the damage was incurred.

    So if on turn 1 your BB takes a hit, and it ends its turn adjacent to a naval port, the damage repair will occur on turn 2 during the purchase/repair phase.

    Now keep in mind that if your BB gets damaged on turn 1, but does NOT end its turn adjacent to a friendly naval base, then you won’t be able to repair the damage on turn 2, because you’ll only have an opportunity to move your BB to a naval base during combat or noncombat movement phase, which happens AFTER the purchase/repair phase. So you’ll have to move the BB to the naval base on turn 2, and then repair it on turn 3.

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