• has anyone had very good experience with IC builds for G?

    I know Nix once placed a new one in Ukraine.
    I know some people talk about one in Egypt, but if they’ve ever put one there?
    (so yes, you would have to recapture it…)


  • Never as Germany.

    Build limits are not an issue (you can build 16 units a turn with your existing IC’s)
    Placement locations with existing IC’s are very good
    Security of the IC’s is excellent.

    As far as where I might CONSIDER an IC…
    Western Europe if I were going after UK hot and heavy.

    Combine fleets in SZ7, and be able to drop additional TRN’s and troops for next-round deployment to UK amphibs without concern of unguarded new TRN’s in the Baltic or getting blocked via SZ6, or taking 2 rounds to get from Southern to SZ7.
    And of course, with 6 units a round, would be a VERY productive IC…
    And already guarded by an AA gun too 🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    I have a good experiance of an IC in Ukraine on G1 or G2 depending on how much risk you can take (ie how succesfull the Russian offensive have been on R1)

    Good to have one in ukraine if you do a Tank push on Russia.  (best on G3)

    First round Germany buys only inf, next roud all goes to eastern or balkans, (and you buy only armour on G2) on G3 you buy a IC and put all inf and Arm in Ukraine.

  • I don’t think I would do it. If you take and hold Causcus, on G1 you can start pumping units into the middle east by G3 and have unit rolling into Egypt by G4.  Now a likely scenario will have G.B. with an IC in India but if Japan is doing its job right they should be using everything they have fighting in Asia.

  • 2007 AAR League

    You never, ever wil be able to take and HOLD caucassus on G1……  Only if your opponent is serious dice fu**ed and/or severly incompetent…

    It allways becomes a drag out war i Europe…

  • I don’t understand why people would entertain thoughts of a Ukraine IC. It’s so close to the Russian ICs that they will outproduce you….plus you have to heavily defend Ukraine, chucking every inf, tank, and fighter there to hold it…

  • 2007 AAR League

    The Idea is that it will be an Anchor in the begining, then you sit around waiting for Japan to turn up and Russia to start making decisions, then threthen Russia with 2 big stacks, Ukraine and the Japanesse coming, mmost likley thru Sinkiang…

  • The cost of that IC is 5 INF divisions.
    It is subject to free SBR by UK and USA (who often stage bombers in Russia to be able to strike either Germany or mainland Japan ICs)
    It is adjacent to Caucuses, and within striking distance of the typical West Russia Stack.

    Sorry, I just think this is a BAD move.

  • i tried an egyptian IC for germany once (and only once) i was kicking the who know what out of uk,usa down there and thought it would be a good way to flank russia, well as we all know you can only hold africa for so long and i ended up getting it captured just before moscow fell.  the 2 units a round the IC gives you would be moved cheaper with another trannie if you really want to commit to africa that heavy.  i never have put that kind of cash down there since and still hold africa about the same length of time so it is more cost effective to just use the one trannie you have and pull out when uk/usa start flowing through and let them meet your jap buddy in the mid-east

  • I think an IC anywhere for Germany is a bad idea. I’d rather have 5inf, or 3 more armor on the board

  • I agree with that.  Germany is so centralized that the two that they have is almost overkill.  If germany gets so spread out that it needs another IC, either the game is over or someone just dosen’t know what they are doing yet.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well i know after much trouble with my strat concluded that you people are right, no IC biuld should be done by germany…

  • Well… if your facing a newb at the game then it’d kinda fun to try out an IC as Germany.

  • I think that an IC for G is not pleasable.
    It has got 2 nice IC’s that will probably never hit their building limits like you wish they would 🙂

  • I can’t see why you would ever want to build an IC in egypt, you already have an IC in south Europe with a limit of 6 units.

    If your african divisions needs assistance you can just build another transport and save yourself 7 IPC. An extra transport in the meds can also be used effectivly to transport more infantry to your fronts in Russia if needed and remember the free shot from the BB!

    -Daniel Malus

  • Exactly Malus. IMO you should always play to your carrying capacity. For Germany it’s 16 units per turn, or 48 IPCs worth of Inf. It’s pretty rare to carry that many IPCs, and even more rare to only build all Inf (unless you’re an Infantry loving madman, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

    Only in a silly game where you were consistently averaging enough money to place 3 more units would an extra IC make sense, and that would just be icing anyways.

  • if things are going so well for germany they need an extra IC it is usually known as caucasus (or moscow)

  • 2007 AAR League

    I dont think either Axis power needs to waste money on an IC.

  • I might build an IC in Egypt some day…

    when my Med transport(s) are dead and can’t be resurrected…
    AND when I have a chance of holding Africa (Arrica for some people on the forum :-P)

    I would build one overthere for fun!

  • Yeah I think an IC build against a newb in Arrica might be a fun idea (not a good one).

  • I say we petition Larry Harris to change the name of Africa to Arrica.  😄

  • Fisrt turn, germany buys an IC, a tranny and an aircraft carrier. Connect your med fleet with your baltic fleet and then add everything you bought on western europe seazone (2 fighters land on aircraft of course!).

    Germany now has a very powerfull fleet (2 subs, 1 destroyer, 2 trannies, 1 aircraft + 2 fighters and a battleship). I play with NA so next turn i buy 1 or 2 subs to have the wolfpack attack and affect uk and usa economy. It radically changes the game. America and UK have to face an unusual threat. Of course Russia will rule for some rounds…

  • Germany now has a very powerfull fleet (2 subs, 1 destroyer, 2 trannies, 1 aircraft + 2 fighters and a battleship). I play with NA so next turn i buy 1 or 2 subs to have the wolfpack attack and affect uk and usa economy. It radically changes the game. America and UK have to face an unusual threat. Of course Russia will rule for some rounds…

    I think you mean 3 subs, right? 'Cuz the one from SZ8 meets with the med fleet on G1, then they link on G2.

    Letting Russia rule is very dangerous! I would advise against spending more than cash on the carrier; the tranny and IC aren’t going to help you much against a properly aggressive Russian player.

    Inevitably you will lose your fleet, as well. The UK and US have 70 IPCs between them that can be dedicated just to taking your fleet out. You only have 40 IPCs to spend, and probably a lot less if you want to keep your Eastern territories against the Russians. Sure sure you can buy like 3 carriers total over a few turns and have 6 fighters land on them which is very efficient for your money, and it’ll stall them for a while, but Russia isn’t quite as weak as it looks. If you let it get out of hand you could be staring at them at Eastern Europe in a few rounds.

    I’d probably beef up some land troops with UK while building transports. The Americans would start off with 2 carriers and a fighter, then churn out fighters for a couple turns afterwards depending on how much navy the Germans have. If the Germans stay off of Western Europe, the Americans can nail them with 8 fighters, 2 destroyers, 2 transports, 2 carriers and 1 bomber on US3. If the German fleet is too powerful, wait until US4 and add 3 fighters, 1 battleship, and another transport to the mix. If for some ridiculous reason the Germans have such a strong navy as to still dissuade you, wait until US 5 with 4 more fighters.

    The German navy can be tough, but you can also wind up losing a lot of fighters in the water and certainly Russia will have you by the throat with you unable to push back without enough land troops.

  • well… question was IC or not for germany, if yes, where? I almost never buy an IC and always rock on russia. BUT, if i would want to try something new, western IC can be fun

  • I agree, U-505.  Any additional IC is a money pit!  Germany just has to devote materiel to support and protect the new IC, when more pressing concerns exist.  Japan has need for the new IC, because its original placement value is so low and the additional problem of tranny’s required to get troops to the mainland.

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