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    New to A&A!!

    Playing with my 11 year old son; I buy two German transports after round 1 and place them in Sea Zone 5; when its UK turn, he tries to “autokill” the transports with fighter from UK… is that legal? he says its an air raid and that there is no air scrambling in Anniversary Edition…

    I must be missing something: either I can scramble fighters from Germany which would deter this “air raid” or UK has to have some sea battle with ships and use fighters as support…otherwise UK just knocks out German naval purchases on next turn

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    @rookeries Welcome to the forum 🙂

    Moving the UK plane to SZ 5 to attack the German transports there indeed is a valid combat move. The battle will be resolved according to the “defenseless transports”-rules on page 19 of the rulebook, sometimes referred to as “autodestruction”.

    Scramble is not part of the ruleset here (you might mix that up with the rules for Global 1940).
    Also there is nothing in the rules saying that planes must be accompanied by attacking ships.
    So never leave your transports unprotected 😄

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