2019 Sponsor Requests for Old PMs

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    A new benefit for the 2019 calendar year for 2019 sponsors only is that you may request to get a data dump of all of your old PMs from the old site. It will be delivered as a CSV or Excel file.

    Technically, 80% or more of the conversations were migrated but they’re not quite as easy to access (you have to go to chats and click though all of the names and sometimes the same name is in there twice. I agree, it’s a headache.

    The first request is going to take some time. First, I can’t look at it until April 13, second, I want to make sure the data is formatted in a consumable CSV or Excel format so I’ll need another 2-4 weeks to get it right. Everything after the first request, I can turn around in 1-2 weeks depending on work and vacation schedules.

    This is quite a bit of work for me so that is why I’m requiring at least a 2019 Bronze sponsor badge for the requests.

    Just respond to this thread and I’ll queue you up.

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    @djensen Thank you very much. I would be happy to have a searchable data dump of my PMs for sure. But if you at any time feel it is too much of work, then let me know. 🙂

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    And don’t worry about mine, honestly. Thanks again for the offer.

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