• My only concern is that it might make Anzac too strong. If someone else could test it as well and let me know that would be great. Perhaps if you did Tamvan’s mod plus the cruiser change it would be a better balance.

  • @Mursilis said in [House Rules] The Cruiser:

    Well the cruiser is a big success…
    Also if you are using the BM3 in your game…you might want to take one infantry out in northern italy and add one mech infantry…

    Sweet :)

    Might wanna use caution adding that mech to Italy. They might just use it to can open the commies.

    Sounds like your having Fun : )

  • What is BM3?

  • @Imperious-Leader Oh Balance Mod?

  • @Imperious-Leader
    Si senor!

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18

    so it’s taken a while to get the test game going to a point where it has a situation. : )

    So USA has a strong fleet in Pearl. Japan has two fleets near India out of range and a Home Fleet as well.

    Japan Philippines Fleet can send Tac and FTR and DD to kill ANZAC CA and Trprt. If Japan sends a tranny to amphib it will be a 50/50 battle. Islands are worth a buck,New Guinea qualifies, plus 2 bucks for conquering, but anyway…Cruiser could kill both planes and then DD. Planes could kill CA and no shot at DD then.

    Before Tac and Ftr and DD would kill Cruiser and Transport more than likely with only a 50% chance of DD kill by Cruiser.

    Idk. Cruiser escorting transport seems as if it would promote more naval action, smaller anyway, then just two big fleets staring off.

    Screenshot from 2019-04-16 23-39-02.png

  • '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 Customizer

    Ya It would for Japan in this case. If I got it right.
    Anzac loses.
    Cruiser = 12
    Trans = 7
    19 Icp loss

    Japan loses
    Dest = 7
    Tac = 10 ?
    7/17 Icp loss.

    I’d bring the Japan transport too if it will live for next turn to escape.

    Why not bring all the fleet from Philiphines to protect the japan transport and use planes for landing attacks.
    Can’t really see what ships are in Phil fleet. If theres a battleship then takes cruiser hit. Plus in my game it would block
    out a Anzac 3 Island NO too.

    For a 3 Icp gain on income not worth it for me as Anzac. Thats why Barney I have the 3 Island Group NO’s in my game.
    For me it would be a 6 Icp gain instead of 3 Icps gain. 1 Icp for Territory and 5 Icp for NO for Anzac. Now Japan has to think about taking it back even more is the idea, or make Anzac have to send more stuff to get it back.
    I see a win win for Japan if I’m seeing ships right on map. Anzac would then wait to take New Guinea.

    I know you have the rule where you gain 2 Icps for capturing a territory. Another option is to increase that to 3 or 4 Icps.
    Probably would work better on this map due to not a lot of sea zones and not having to add 3 Island group NO’s.

    I have a lot more action for the islands in my game. Japan has to really think about what they can do now. If Japan wants to block Island Group NO’s by being parked in Carolinas so be it. May slow them down for money Islands and China a bit but they can block 2 Anzac Island Group NO’s and take away 1 US NO. But have to deal with 2 US Carriers from Line Islands. I believe I have the Pacific fix.

  • @SS-GEN

    yea you can’t see the US fleet from that shot. It’s at Pearl and would easily crush the Philippines fleet. Japan’s other fleets are out of range to counterattack.

    It ended up playing out with a DD kill and the CA trprt dying. Just sent a Tac and a Ftr along. I probably shoulda sent a trprt and fortified DNG as ANZAC gets a 3 buck bonus for control of the NG’s New Britain and the Solomons. So that’s 6 bucks for ANZAC and they just need to walk in.

    I think I just wanted to focus on the mainland and that’s why I didn’t do it. Can’t remember as I was kinda drunk. That and I’m not a real good player anyway : )

    Have a couple Island Objectives. Midway, Wake and Guam are 3 bucks for both JPN and US. Also the aforementioned New Guinea one.

    Too bad Black Elk not around. He’s a real good player and would help immensely with testing. See Baron back on tonight. Maybe he’ll give it a spin. A person only has so much time though.

    Most of these ideas are the communities. 1 or 2 are mine. I just threw the ones I like the best into one mod so I didn’t have to keep adding them all one by one : )

    Screenshot from 2019-04-17 20-33-37.png

  • Right. Ya I saw barons responses. At least you are starting something with islands.

  • @cyanheath

    Welcome. All depends on what you want in your game. Play ability or more historic.

    Yes there is a lack of room on a d6 dice. No room to adjust pieces better. Mostly the Cruiser and Destroyer.

    Also you probably should remove your Ad for buoys.

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