I bought some HBG expansion sets for AAG40

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    I noticed that HBG has various GW1936 expansions that are AAG40 compatible. I just bought several. Specifically I bought the Going Nuclear, US Marines, Super Yamato, and BV P170 Fast Bomber expansions.

    Has anyone else tried these or other expansions with their AAG40 games? What are your thoughts on them? Are there any expansions you’d recommend that I didn’t mention above?

    One expansion I’d like to figure out how to include in an AAG40 game is the HBG Atlantis expansion. That one just looks like a lot of fun! Sadly the Atlantis expansion doesn’t come with AAG40 compatible rules so if I were to incorporate it I’d have to adapt the rules myself somehow.

    I’ll report back on the expansions once I receive them and play a game or two with them. One concern I have is that the Going Nuclear rules require 4 turns of successful tech rolls to develop the bombs. I don’t tend to have lucky dice rolls so I’m worried that I’ll even be able to develop the nukes before the game ends. We will see how that goes. I might consider either shortening the development cycle or lowering the tech roll requirements if I am unable to build the weapons in time using the HBG rules.

    I gotta say that discovering the Axis and Allies dot org forum has caused me to bleed a lot of money into AA games. I already had AA Classic and AA50, but since finding this place I’ve bought 2 sets of AAZ, bought AAG40, and bought a ton of addons and upgrades, including extra pieces, extra chips, 3D printed factories, acrylic markers, casino dice, dice trays and dice cups, and play money. I’m not exactly complaining, I mean if I didn’t want to spend the money I wouldn’t. It’s just funny… I thought wargaming would be a cheaper hobby than my car racing but I might have been wrong on that prediction!

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    Yes, our group has, and you missed the HBG JU-87G Stuka tank killer. http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/Battle-Pieces--German-Exp--Tactical-Bomber-x5_p_2175.html Put that one on your list- it’s a great looking piece we add with advanced artillery.

    One thing to remember is that the HBG expansions are for their Global War (GW) game & rules. GW uses 12 sided dice and a different technology chart, with some easier to roll than others (if I recall). Adapting the special rules in most cases is just a matter of dividing the 12 sided roll by 2 for A&A. But in the Going Nuke scenario the “4 turns of successful tech rolls” equates to paying 2 IPC’s per turn in the Global War game to advance your tech marker along the development line for 4 turns. In GW, you either take your roll for tech to see if you advance the tech marker, or pay 2 IPC’s to advance your marker. So in A&A you could just pay the 2 IPC’s every turn, or whatever your group decides for balance.

    There is also a house rules section here that’s worth checking out if you haven’t been there yet, as well as the Global War section.

    Our group uses most of the HBG pieces for A&A tech, to differentiate pieces on the board from those with technology and those without (long range vs. regular aircraft, for example). And we’ve added pieces not on the roster but available from HBG, like light tanks and light cruisers. If you’re a piece junkie and you haven’t bought the game yet, check out HBG’s “Amerkia”- it has some excellent pieces and the price has really come down (and it’s also a fun game).

    I’ve read the rules on the Atlantis scenario, and agree it looks like it would be fun to try, but on the GW 1939 map. In my opinion, it would be difficult to do on the G40 board because of the smaller number of sea zones. You could probably tweek it a bit to make it work, though. And it would make for a neat twist on a G40 game if it could work.

    So… have you thought about painting your pieces yet?

  • Oh cool, I’ll check out the JU87 tank killer! I haven’t considered painting pieces like in the detailed way that others have. However, I bought the Super Yamato in white, so I’m going to have to rattle can it with pumpkin orange.

    I built a few Estes models when I was younger and I sucked at painting detail, I could barely even place a decal decently. Some of the custom detail paintjobs in this forum set the bar very high in my mind, and I don’t know if I could paint my own pieces nearly that well.

  • I just received my order. I happen to have an AAG40 game underway right now, and it’s in the middle of turn 7. So my plan is to try and incorporate these 4 expansions into the current game. I’m going to have the US start research on nukes immediately. Japan and Germany are really dominating this game though, so I don’t know if the US can get any nukes ready in time. If not, then I’ll try again next game.

    I’m also going to have the US build some Marines so I can use that expansion set too and hopefully push the Japanese back across the Pacific.

    But Germany and Japan are also going to start building the P170 jet and Super Yamato respectively, which should give the Allies second thoughts. Oh, the drama! Can’t wait to see how these expansions affect the war!

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