• @weddingsinger Yeah, I love it–going to try it next game.

    One of the Ifs is a G1–Dave’s G1 is really bitchin and gets ahead of Russia’s ability to configure as you’ve shown. But if no G1? Smooth sailin—this could be the Petrov Defense to the Queen’s Gambit

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    Well, it was the intervention of the Axis dice gods. I got variance smoked on a calculated 94% win for R in E. Poland and it crumbled. I got diced and the wheels fell off this thing. To me this means one bit of bad dice variance and you’re toast. Which is the case in most games, but this was painful. I held off till round 10 but with R struggling after the dicing there was no hope.

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    I will try again with the reverse purchases of Arty first.

  • '17


    I think it’s nice to conversate on this subject for fun. However, I have to be the devil’s advocate in this case. For instance, the posted triplea picture demonstrates to me that the Germany player was very novice. Honestly, if you bought mostly mech with Russia against me, I’d be happy. Germany will still drive to at a minimum turtle Russia in Moscow; and be able to setup more of a defense for western allies after Russia is turtled. But since you bought mostly mech, I won’t have to worry as much about a Russian Counter Attack on say Turn 7-8 when the Siberians make it back and do NOT pair up with a huge stack of artillery.

  • @weddingsinger

    If germany stacks everything it can in the baltic states, using the italians and their transports you get a pretty sticky situation and not sure what you would do as Russia then.

  • A reminder that I can acknowledge that against a focused on Moscow German player, Russia can’t really do anything

    The idea of mechanized Russia is that by buying fast movers for any factory other than Novgorod, you give yourself more assets to work with in earlier rounds IF the German player makes a mistake. Example: Germany did a sea lion and mechanized Russia meant absolutely punishing Germany for it, despite them taking London, because Russia was able to move quickly to invade. Or against a careless player they’ll leave you a stack you can counter against because they’re used to retreating/turtling Russians.

    In later rounds you’ll have a little more flexibility as well. Even if you shift to infantry stacks after R3, at least those mechs/tanks from R1-3 are still around to blitz, hit stray enemies, or help block the route south.

    The idea is to sacrifice the purchase of a few extra infantry in exchange for more units at the front lines quicker. Then you can flip back to infantry per usual.

  • Here’s another scenario (from BM3).

    G1 German buy is not fast movers but a carrier and bomber, so along with skipping artillery, Russia takes @taamvan advice and splurges on a tactical to counter a potential (relatively) weak G2, which does come. The other scenarios that seem like from Germany are a G3 invasion or Sea Lion, so this seemed a solid move.

    R1 buy, 5 mechs, 1 tank, 1 tactical.

    Though reviewed the battle calculator says buying 2 more tanks instead of 3 of the mechs would have improved the chance of a win by 3+%, and ONLY buying 6 tanks instead of mechs or the tactical bumps it up noticeably more than that, to a 60%+ win shot.

    So on R2, Russia has a straight 50/50 combat here. IF Russia were to win, its a huge victory and slows down Germany. Now, in the actual game, no, it went poorly and Russia under rolled -4+ so… oops. But, hey, take a chance for a big win.

    mechanized Russia 2.jpg

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    @weddingsinger Great demonstration of the outcomes. Wish we had more than 3 tanks and 2 tacs but its early in the game.

    The consistent observation that whenever Moscow tries this, at a small scale (precision counterattacks) or like this (in your face!) that Germany benefits from the trade because of its greater overall power, air force, and Russia’s shrinking income/factory production over time.

    Also if the attack fails and we have to fall back, then the mechs would be the better buy as a backing force. That kind of insurance is hard to buy…if this attack fails the entire plan is in jeopardy when they counter with all their air.

    But like the opening of G42 and 42.2, its all luck based whether you get good strafes and good dice and so this just pushes the critical moment of the game way up in terms of time.

  • @taamvan

    I haven’t done math on a G1 buy of mechs/tanks. I’m thinking 6 tanks or 7 mechs makes it all pointless for Russia. All other buys…

    I’m scrambling London but not Scotland so hopefully Germany loses 3 or 4 planes.

    If Russia buys 6 tanks R1, Germany can’t safely hold E. Poland G2 which means a big advantage for Russia if Germany makes the mistake and tries to.

    At the same time, all US buys are Atlantic so they can threaten Normandy or Norway very early, or help with Italy a bit. UK preps to join in and maybe also drop troops in Greece. The more German units have to spread out, the better and mechanized Russia can capitalize on mistakes very well.

    G3 scenarios I haven’t worked through yet.

  • '17

    I don’t really understand the idea of stacking E. Poland on G2. I stack Baltic if I DOW on G2. Often I keep all 3 eastern tanks and 1 mech from W. Germany; plus I’ll add the 2 inf from Denmark. Germany has no problem stacking Baltic States G2. Than next turn I send everything to Leningrad in order to purchase from that factory on G4.

    If not doing a DOW on G2, than it’s a G3 Stack on E. Poland with hopefully an Italian can opener.

    Weddingsinger, would like to play you again, but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix the settings on my computer for Play by Forum. I can only play triplea live.

  • @Ichabod

    Load a saved game and change the settings?

    I’m up for a game if we get you working. I want to keep testing and seeing variations.

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